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Your selected story, "The Importance of Saying Grace", currently has the following ratings:
1 star rating given by 0 readers.
2 star rating given by 0 readers.
3 star rating given by 1 reader.
4 star rating given by 0 readers.
5 star rating given by 0 readers.
Total average = 3 stars.

Rating System: (1 star is the lowest, 5 stars is the highest.)
1 star = I would not recommend this story to others.
2 stars = This story might be enjoyed by others with similar interests.
3 stars = A good story that I think most people would enjoy reading.
4 stars = A great story that I would highly recommend to friends and family.
5 stars = An exceptional story in every way. A MUST READ story.
The story rating scores given are based on the combined average total score of all ratings received for a given story. Ratings are provided for the benefit of readers who have limited time and wish to only read stories recommended by others.
Stories are rated by visitors to Storystar who have read the story and wish to give their opinion about it for the benefit of other readers.
Those who wish to rate a story they have read are asked to take the following criteria into consideration:
1. Is the story easy to read and understand?
2. Does it grab your attention and keep it?
3. Can you relate to the character's in the story?
4. Does it have broad appeal to a wide variety of different people, or limited appeal to only some readers who may have interest in the particular subject or theme?
5. How well written is the story? (Please give child writers more latitude than adults.)
6. How relevent, moving, profound, meaningful, interesting, exceptional and/or inspirational is it?
7. IF the story is FICTION (True Life stories should not be judged this way), then how original and/or creative is it?
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