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Story listed as: Fiction For Teens | Theme: Science Fiction | Subject: Aliens & UFO's | Published here : 08/27/2015
Normal life, to Doctor Who life 
By Regan Fitzsimon
Born 2002, M, from Leamington Spa, United Kingdom
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Amelia and Francis have recently got married on Gallifrey, home planet of the Time Lords. The Doctor agreed to
help them out and take them back to Earth in the Tardis after the party.

Now they are back where they belong and just as they get to the step of their new home, they could hear the Tardis dematerializing.
They unlocked the door and entered the hallway inside the house. They started to explore the house, finding that they have a safe attic,
a basement and 6 bedrooms. Francis went back downstairs to the living room to start unpacking.
Soon after, Amelia came down too, to unpack as well. They moved the sofa to the wall and put in the white carpet, and then the TV
in the corner. After decorating the living room, they went up to bed.

On the verge of sleep, they heard chanting in the background, approximately 30-40 meters away.

"Sontar-ha! Sontar-ha!"

The chanting got louder as they approached. After five minutes, Francis looked out the window, only to find a squad of
10 Sontarans at the front gate, with laser rifles and fully dressed in combat armour.

"This country is now property of the Sontaran Empire! Leave your house immediately or you will be obliterated!", the Sontaran with the
loudspeaker said.

"Damn, what shall we do?", asked Amelia, "We can't leave! We have only just got marri-"

"Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate all life forms below!", a robotic voice from the Saucer ordered.

"Sir! Dalek Saucer above, taking residents of this road! Shall we destroy it?", A Sontaran Soldier asked.

"Yes. Destroy the Daleks.", the Sontaran Captain said.

After war broke out between the two races, things got even worse when the Tardis materialized inbetween them. The doors of the
Tardis opened and several Cybermen stepped out with marks on their heads. Every mark was a number. The first Cyberman's
mark was number 1, and the second's was 2. These Cybermen were reprogrammed by the Doctor and his other incarnations.

"Ahh... I knew I would need these one day. I kept them standing by just incase.", the Doctor said, "My one is number 11!"

The Doctor told the Cybermen to fight, and they did.

"Delete! Delete!", they said repeatedly, while firing red lasers from their arm cannon.


"Oi, get inside the Tardis now! Come on!" the Doctor yelled.

The couple ran out of the house to the Tardis and went inside. They were both shocked to see that it was bigger on the inside.

"It's...smaller on the outside?", Francis said.

"Time Lord technology. I'd explain it if I had a pen and a whiteboard."

The Doctor pulled and pushed several buttons and levers and then a noise came from the main console.

"Where are we going? And what does 'TARDIS' mean?", Amelia asked.

"Time and Relative Dimension In Space. T-A-R-D-I-S!", The Doctor said, with a smile, "And were going 400 years into the future...."

"400? Why 400?" Francis asked.

"Because the farther we go into the future, the safer things are. Except for Trenzalore. Trenzalore is not safe at all.", the Doctor replied.

Finally, after a chat and loads of questions, they materialized on a space station in the year 6015.

"Why are we here?", Amelia asked.

"Reasons...I have my reasons...", The Doctor said, "Explore. Don't kill anybody or break anything; I'll get the blame. I'm responsible
for you lot here so behave!".

And with that, the Doctor walked off...

I'll make a Part 2 soon
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