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Story listed as: Fiction For Teens | Theme: Science Fiction | Subject: Dark / Twisted / Nightmarish | Published here : 11/01/2015
Hallucinatory Night 
By Jia Jin
Born 1998, M, from Singapore, Singapore
It was a dark, moonless night. I was preparing myself for our traditional village music competition that was to be held later at midnight. I was feeling really nervous as this competition would decide my future in music. I was fully prepared but I knew I just lacked a little confidence.

As I left my cottage, I took an umbrella with me. I walked out into the increasing darkness and saw that there was no one on the streets. It was eerily quiet. It was now snowing heavily.

I could hear snow falling softly on my umbrella. The weather was really cold. As I trudged down the street, I could feel the snow piling higher and higher. My legs went deeper and deeper into the snow. The environment was really terrifying for me.

You see, I am achluophobic and cheimaphobic. I am extremely sensitive to my surroundings. I have always had trouble confronting my fears and they have followed me throughout my life.

As I continued walking towards “Big Foot Hall’, I suddenly heard someone call my name. The voice did not travel to my ears but directly into my synapses. The sound of the voice then grew softer and softer until it was barely audible.

All of a sudden, I saw a mass of shadows flit past me. I could also see silhouettes of old ladies opposite the street, burning incense in a dark alley. As far as I was aware, there were no such old ladies in my humble village!

"What's going on?" I mumbled in fear.

I quickened my pace. I soon realized that I was slowing down rather than speeding up. It seemed like there was some unknown force drawing me back! It sent a chill down my spine. I shivered like a leaf. I was perplexed. I was unsure as to what I would see or hear next.

I hesitated for a moment before I stumbled and fell headlong into the snow. The sudden impact knocked the breath out of me. Thankfully, I did not hurt myself too badly. I lay on the snow, winded, and I felt rooted to the ground. This was when a little girl suddenly appeared and began humming a dirge-like melody. I tried to ask her for help but I could not utter a single word. I was transfixed. As I gingerly got up, the little girl disappeared into the mist ahead of me.

Petrified, I looked at my watch. The clock was ticking unusually fast. I whispered to myself “I need to get to ‘Big Foot Hall’ on time.” In great fear, I continued to head toward my destination.

I walked and walked. The minutes felt like hours. Finally, I stuck my head out and was utterly relived to see the Hall just a stone’s throw away. I was now within view of its melancholic structure. I dashed towards it with all my might.

To my utter amazement, the Hall was unrecognizable. It seemed very old and dilapidated. There were no lights or music. There was only silence.

I walked towards the door of the hall. Oddly enough, I could see lots of people and contestants inside the hall through its central window. The music seemed to be very loud but all I could sense was total silence! I felt as if I was in a different dimension. I could see what they were doing but I could not sense their presence. To my horror, they were ‘copies’ of me performing on stage!

I tried to run but I was frozen to the core. What I could feel was the minutes passing like years inside the hall. The people were ageing woefully. The lights were getting dimmer and people were vanishing into clouds of smoke. I took a glimpse at my watch. The second hand was spinning rapidly and my heart raced as I watch those people disappear. I felt like I was living in a time warp. Everything was beyond my control at that moment in time. As if in a trance, I pushed open the door of the hall.

All I could now see was complete desolation and, without warning, an instantaneous illusion that blinded me for all eternity….
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