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Story listed as: True Life For Children | Theme: Family / Friends | Subject: Inspirational / Uplifting | Published here : 05/22/2016
From Rags to Riches- An Ode to My Father 
By shreya sharma
Born 2004, F, from New Delhi, India
From Rags to Riches- An Ode to My Father
Once in backward village there was an ordinary family of ten, parents and their eight children living happily, enjoying bits of happiness and fun in their monotonous life. Main occupation being farming, thus only to satiate their hunger. Every morning started with howling of animals, stinking smell of surroundings and spending entire day in working on farms. Their bodies attired in rags, tasteless evening meals, boring 'raginis' on radio used to end the day.

But very ordinary things always have an extra-ordinary story and so was the case here. One of the boys of those eight, who was younger than the first but eldest of the rest was actually more than extra-ordinary. His name was 'chimmon'. his day started with all mischievous tasks, spending the day on the sand or in the river, with uncaring attitude he attended his school, bunking and playing he always used to do.

On one unfine day, unfortunately a mis happening occurred with him. While helping his parents, Chimmon lost his right hand when he was working with 'thresher machine'. Doctors answered and it was all end, the whole heartedness of family was gone. But 'chimmon' was not like that at all. It became the 'high point of his life'. He gained the spirit. Although physically handicapped he was mentally determined.

He started his new life, the life with 'left hand'. He did a lot more hard work which actually payed him. His outstanding performances in academics in schools and colleges made him win scholarships and fame. But it was just the starter, main course was yet to be seen. He had to struggle for money and job. He spent night on railway stations and sometimes slept on the station's floor.

Where there is a will there is a way and he got into a well settled job of a government teacher. His dramatic wedding is none less than a typical Bollywood movie. His school's headmaster brought proposal of his daughter and both were tied in a deep bond of love forever and now he is a well settled man in Delhi with his family of four children, enjoying his life.

It was a story 'from rags to richest', a poor guy's struggle from a village to a modern town from dirty rags to branded clothes.

It is an ode to my father from his starry daughter..... Love u papa... :)
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