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Story listed as: True Life For Teens | Theme: Survival / Success | Subject: Poems & Songs | Published here : 08/08/2016
By nsizwa D kubheka
Born 1992, M, from newcastle kwazulu natal, South Africa
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Don’t fool yourself thinking too much
Thinking that success comes smoothly
Thinking that success comes with being financially stable
Thinking that success is a result of being lucky

No you are wrong, success only favours the hard workers
Success only favours the dedicated beings
Those within their little capacity hope and strive for what is best
Not only best but what also seems right and fruitfull

Success does not also favour people because of their colour
But it is shameful when people say I cannot be successful
I was born like this, will forever be like this and will die like this
All unfortunate situations are all for me.
No! Wake up and take a step to reach your success

To succeed in life does not mean that you have to be educated
But it is true though that if a person was born a fool
It won’t matter how educated he may become
He will always back step and not be able to use his brains for the better.

A wise person always looks ahead in life
Never mourns about what has been lost in the past and dwells on it
But always thinks of better ways to do things.
Which are righteous and universally accepted.

Well it is true though
The road to success is a bumpy ride
But with a little bit of tenacity
All shall be achieved.

Stand strong, be firm towards your choices
Remain in focus, stare forward to that never ending belief
The more it seems difficult the greater it will be worth it
To succeed where it seems impossible

Success comes at a price
The brighter, tougher and higher the dream is
The contrary is expected of the goal,
The tougher will it be to reach such a destination.
It is with hope and tenacity that such a dream will be fulfilled
Against all odds, success is inevitable….

written by nsizwa kubheka
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