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Story listed as: Fiction For Teens | Theme: Inspirational | Subject: Art / Music / Theater / Dance | Published here : 10/10/2016
By Naomi Sanborn
Born 2002, F, from San Diego, CA, United States
“AMERICA! WAIT UP!” Jaime’s steps thundered in the dank hallways of their apartment. Jaime’s ocean blue eyes were hidden beneath a mop of messy brown hair. His white T-shirt was tucked in halfway around his belt while the other half hung out sloppily and flapped with every step he took. His jeans were faded to a light sky blue as if his mom had put in too much bleach. On the other hand, America, Jaime’s twin, had a braid neatly going around her her curly blonde hair. Her skirt was neatly ironed and her white tank top contrasted the color of her skirt. Her jacket covered the sides of her shirt and was loose enough to show her thin frame. She spun around and waited for her twin. Side by side they certainly didn’t look alike and they made sure of that. Once they reached school Jaime went to the music room while America went to the lunch area to meet her friends. Talking slowly came to a stop. Music flooded the school area. The melody was sweet, sad, angry, all flowing together. It was amazing but was missing something. Jaime focused on the keys.. Not noticing the crowd forming outside the window he continued to play for his recital. Like a river it quietly wound around all, flowing into their ears and into their hearts. Slowly, the music died into one last note. The music ended and Jaime noticed the crowd. They didn't clap but instead continued their conversation. Jaime was used to this but yearned for applause.

After school, Jaime went to the park to finish his homework. The river near the park flowed merrily, as if playing a tune. He listened closely. No, it wasn’t the river. It was a girl playing the violin in a quiet clearing amidst the trees. The wind blew through her strawberry blonde hair as if caressing her. The river seemed to stop flowing to hear her heartfelt song. The melody was jumpy and fast and then melting into a slow song. Her fingers flew but her face stayed the same blissful, peaceful; happy. Oh how he wanted to meet the girl, but before he could muster up all of his courage, the girl and her music was gone. All that was left of her was her music firmly planted in his heart.

Somehow, the girl's music was better even if she had only a few lessons. She let her music take flight while his was stuck on the ground. Jaime pondered upon what the girl had that he didn't. Once home, he headed straight for his grand piano. He realized that her music had heart while his was a bunch of fingers striking notes. She had heart and soul in her music, he had just music. Slowly, Jaime let his fingers fly on their own. The melody flew out the open window through the dank alleys, through the street, and into the park. The girl, who was hidden behind a tree, smiled and faded with the wind. Jaime's music still continued to flow until finally he stopped. His music finally had something in it, something that made his music truly beautiful. It was Bliss.
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