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Story listed as: Fiction For Children | Theme: Adventure | Subject: Aliens & UFO's | Published here : 10/16/2016
A special bicycle ride 
By anuneet gupta
Born 2006, M, from ghaziabad UP, India
Once there was a boy named Rakesh Sharma. He was a normal boy. He lives with his parents. One day in evening after doing his homework, he goes down for cycling. He was surprised to see that there was no one playing or cycling. He ignored that and started cycling. When the roads are empty he cycle very fast so he started cycling very fast. Suddenly what he sees, he was flying. Two wings came from side. And from front one pill came in a box. On the box it was written ‘Eat this pill’. He ate it. And when he sees here and there he was in space. He thought his cycle has become a magic cycle. He was shocked that he can breathe in space. Then he understands that it was due to that pill. He was seeing all the planets and enjoying. He saw one big hole in Mars and his cycle was going inside it and he was fainted. When he opened his eyes he was in a world inside Mars known as red city. Everything was of red color. He sees every everywhere, some people were killing each other, some were fighting, and there was huge destruction. But he sees only one man laughing; he thought he is only making them all doing this. He sees only man who was hiding behind a building. He goes near to him and asks what is happening. He tells him once there was peace all over the city. But one day, one arrow came and hit our king and our king ordered all the soldiers to fight with the public. And till now they are fighting. He tried to fight with them but it was very difficult because they have guns and swords. He has a very sharp eye sight. He saw one transparent wire attached to the king and going in the sky. He followed him on his cycle. It was going in space. It was connected to another planet known as Neptune. He went inside the planet. There was a big city known as blue city. Everything was blue there. There also was the same situation like Mars. That wire was connected to the cannon. He thought the cannon have only shot the arrow. He fined the king and talk to him to stop all this. But he ignored him and tells his soldiers to put him in the jail. He stayed in the jail for one hour. He thought if his cycle will be here he can do anything, suddenly his cycle came there. He sat on it and get out of the jail. He fainted all the soldiers. He announced in the big city that if you all will not stop fighting I will kill your king. There was a silence in the city. Then everybody started shouting ‘Ok, Ok we will stop fighting but please don’t kill our king. They stopped fighting and lived in peace. They bring their arrow back. Then he gone back to Mars and there also everybody stopped fighting. One boy of Mars tell him ‘wake up, wake up its time for school’. Then he opened his eyes and he was in his bedroom. This is how Rakesh Sharma became the first Indian to go in space.
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