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Story listed as: Fiction For Teens | Theme: Fantasy / Fairy Tale | Subject: Fantasy / Dreams / Wishes | Published here : 10/21/2016
the living game 
By Alison Eldridge
Born 1999, F, from ovid, michigan, United States
the living game
A fairly ordinary thursday afternoon, in a fairly ordinary town, with fairly ordinary people. Nothing seemed out of the norm. The professor gave his monotone lecture and wrote things on the board that was located in the front of the room. There were at least a dozen people attending the lecture today, myself included. I took notes to the best of my ability and sighed, occasionally stopping to flex my hands or crack my fingers. This lecture was beginning to feel like it’d never end. Out of sheer boredom, I began paying more attention to the clock and counting down the time until I was free to go home. 3 hours. 2 hours. 1 hour. 45 minutes. 20 minutes. 10 minutes. I anxiously looked around, wishing these 10 minutes would go by faster. 5 minutes. I started packing up my things, ignoring the looks that were given to me by my peers. The bell rang and I practically jumped out of my chair. I gathered up the last few items of mine then jogged out the door. The hallways were filled with jocks who wore too much cologne, cheerleaders and preppy girls that for some reason thought it was ok to wear revealing outfits, geeks and nerds who wore thick brimmed glasses, carried around mementos from their favorite tv shows and books, and the loners. The ones that didn’t really belong to any particular group, like me. I weaved my way through the crowd, hoping no one would bump into me. I had a weird thing… I didn’t like people touching me. I walked off the campus grounds and went to my car, swiftly unlocking it, opening the front passenger seat door, and tossing my bag down into the seat. I shut the door then made my way around the car to the driver's seat. The door was opened and I climbed in, shutting the door behind myself. Feeling self conscious as usual, I dug through my bag and retrieved my keys, then put on my seat belt. I started the car and began driving, deciding to take the scenic route home. Although the drive was 20 minutes longer, there was less traffic and overall it was more peaceful. I turned on to the backroads and started to drive down a long dirt road, surrounded by nothing but trees and an open view of the sky, save for the very few houses out in this area. The drive was leisurely and quiet, and I was in no hurry at all. I smiled a little as I noticed my house coming into view. My house was pretty basic as far as I was concerned. It had 2 floors and a cellar. On the first floor, there were 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a family room, and a kitchen. On the second floor, there was a bedroom, a bathroom, an office, a pantry, and a small balcony. I pulled into the driveway and parked the car, shutting it off and grabbing my bag before climbing out and shutting my car door. I made my way over to my front door, grabbing my keys and unlocking the door. Man, was I happy to be home after such a long and boring day. I pushed the door open and went inside, lazily dropping my bag on the floor and kicking the door shut behind myself. I slipped my shoes off then went into the kitchen to get a snack. My cat, Sylvester, laid on a kitty bed that was placed on the floor near his food and water dishes. Of course, the bed was almost too small for him. He was a maine coon after all. Big breeds of cats need bigger things. As I walked into the kitchen, he turned his attention to me and let out a soft meow. I smiled and grabbed a bag of goldfish crackers from the counter then sat on the floor next to him. “Hi Sylvester. I missed you today.” He meowed again and began to loudly purr. I started munching on a handful of fish crackers as I gently pet him. He kept purring and I smiled again. “You’re such a good kitty… I love you buddy.” He purred and rubbed his head against my hand, and I continued to pet him in response. Out of nowhere, there was a noise in my room. I jumped in surprise, and Sylvester turned to look in the general direction of my room, his ears perked up and positioned forward to show he was completely focused. I forgot to mention before; I lived alone and Sylvester was my only pet. My friends rarely ever came over. I swallowed the clump of goldfish cracker remains that were lingering in my mouth and slowly stood up. My heart thumped loudly in my chest as I made my way towards my room, never once taking my attention off my bedroom door. During all this, Sylvester had quietly followed me through the kitchen towards my room. He rubbed against my legs and I stopped for a moment to pick him up. He began purring and messing with my hair, doing what was a combination of biting it and running his claws through it. I stopped outside my bedroom door and took a deep breath as I grabbed the doorknob. Sylvester stopped messing with my hair and looked at my door. I looked at him and frowned a little as he stopped purring, and instead let out a soft whine. I held him as close to myself as possible, then quickly twisted the doorknob and pushed open the door. On the end of my bed, there sat a boy about my age. He had minty green hair with an odd strand of teal, pale skin, and purple eyes. My eyes widened and I tightened my grip slightly on Sylvester as he tried pressing closer to me. The boy noticed me looking at him and smiled at little, “Welcome home.” My heart began to race. “Who are you? What are you doing in my house?” He smiled and stood up, offering a piece of paper to me. With the utmost hesitation, I accepted it. It was a drawing of an original character that I had created back while I was in high school. The boy smiled and looked around at the various drawings and posters that were tacked up on my walls. “I couldn’t help but notice how many drawings you have of me.” “What are you talking about?” He frowned slightly. “You mean you don’t remember me?” I stared at him and after a moment of silence he sighed. “I’m deeply hurt. I never thought you’d forget about one of your most iconic pieces of work.” “You’re not a piece of work. You’re a human being. One I’ve never seen before.” “But you have seen me… in all your drawings, in saved files on your computer. I’m there.” I was genuinely confused now. His teal eyes flashed as he leaned closer to me. I took a step back and he sighed, “Does male yandere with green hair spark any memories?” My heart sunk. He started reaching towards my face and Sylvester hissed loudly, swatting at the boys hand. The boy withdrew his hand and ignored Sylvester, keeping all of his focus on me. “Say my name, creator.” I struggled to find my words. “Say it. I’m waiting.” “You’re…..Yukio….” He smiled. “That’s right. You know something else?” “...What?” Despite Sylvester’s hissing, growling, and swatting, Yukio leaned close enough for me to feel his breath on my face as he lowered his voice almost to a whisper. “You’re my creator….. And I love you very much.”
3 days had passed since I found Yukio in my house. He had explained to me that he was not born into this world like a normal human. According to him, each piece of paper with a drawing on it could be used like a summoning card, but there can only be 1 summon per character. The summoning ability was triggered by a certain emotion, combined with something the character was fond of being smeared onto the drawing. Naturally, I found this hard to believe. During the 3 days of Yukio being in my home, nothing major had happened. He made himself at home and slept in a spare bedroom. Sylvester still had strong negative feelings toward him and I wasn’t quite sure why. At the time being, Yukio was currently up in my office; probably playing with the computer or looking at a book. I was downstairs making dinner, as usual. Sylvester remained close to me, occasionally meowing and rubbing against my legs. I had just finished cooking almost a dozen eggs and bacon, when there was a loud noise upstairs. Sylvester hid behind my legs as Yukio casually came downstairs, trying to hide something rather unsuccessfully behind his back. I shut off the oven and turned my attention to him, raising an eyebrow. He pretended to just notice me standing in the kitchen. “Oh heeeey….. Didn’t see you there.” He attempted to look innocent and smile at me and I rolled my eyes. “I’ve been in the kitchen for at least half an hour.” “Oh.” “Yeah. Now what are you hiding behind your back?” “Ummm….nothing.” “Yeah right like I’d really believe that. Hold up your hands where I can see them.” He hesitantly did as told, and in his right hand was a rather large steak knife. My jaw nearly hit the floor. “Seriously, where the hell did you get a steak knife?” “Nowhere.” “Don’t lie to me. You were in my office, so tell me where you got that.” “.....I summoned it.” I sighed and placed a loaf of bread on the counter by my toaster. “Right.” My phone suddenly rang and I jumped a little in surprise. After a couple seconds, I answered the call. “Hello?” “Ally?” “Tom?” “You know it.” The boy on the other end of the phone laughed and I smiled a little. “What’s up? I haven’t talked to you in forever.” “Oh not much. I was just gonna be in town for a couple weeks and I was wondering if you’d be free at all during that time.” “Yeah of course I’m free. All I really have to think about is school.” “That’s great. How does tonight sound? Just to catch up on things.” “Oh tonight? I just finished making dinner for myself and a friend.” Yukio faked a cough. “You mean boyfriend.” I shot him a dirty look and Tom spoke up. “Would you wanna wait until tomorrow then?” “No you can come over for dinner if you want.” “Cool, in that case I’ll see you in 20 minutes.” “Sweet. I’ll text you my new address as soon as we get off the phone.” “Alright.” The call was ended, and as promised, I texted my new address to Tom. I had known Tom since middle school. He had shoulder length black hair and crystal blue eyes. He had moved to the states from Britain, and somehow managed to hold onto his British accent throughout the years. I slipped my phone back into my pants pocket and turned to see a rather angry Yukio staring intently at me. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?” He kept watching me. “I’m not your boyfriend?” I sighed. “No you’re not. I’m sorry but we met 3 days ago. We can be friends though.” “But I already told you how I felt about you.” “I know, I know. I’m sorry, ok?” He clenched his jaw. “You like that other guy, Tom, don’t you?” “What? No way, he’s a friend who’s just passing through town.” “You like him… I know you do.” He began walking towards me with the steak knife in hand. “Yukio what are you doing?” He ignored the question and I backed into a corner, looking up at him with wide, terrified eyes. “Yukio… please calm down. I promise I don’t like Tom.” He leaned down and whispered into my ear. “That’s good, cutie…. If you ever leave me for him, I’ll gouge out his eyes and shove them down his throat so he can never look at you again” The tone of his voice was completely serious, and in no way, friendly. He was seriously thinking about hurting… maybe even killing Tom. My stomach churned and my eyes watered up. Yukio gently kissed my forehead then straightened up as the front doorbell rang. I watched as he placed the steak knife on the counter and gently grabbed my hand, slowly intertwining our fingers. He then smiled sweetly at me. “Come on, let’s go greet your friend. We wouldn’t want to keep him waiting.” I nodded and blinked away tears, then faked a smile and led Yukio to the front door. As I was getting ready to open the door, Yukio let go of my hand and wrapped an arm around my waist, gently pulling me closer to him. Bile rose in my throat and I swallowed it back, still faking a smile as I opened the door. Tom smiled at me from outside on my porch. “Ally!” “Hi Tom.” Tom moved closer and gave me a friendly hug, not seeming to notice as Yukio glared at him, a deep hatred blazing in his eyes. I stepped aside to let Tom in, and he smiled. “You never said anything about dating anyone.” I pretended to the best of my ability to be happy. “Yeah that’s right… I am.” Tom smiled in a friendly manner at Yukio and shook his hand. “How do you do? I’m Tom. I’ve known your girlfriend since the sixth grade.” Yukio smiled innocently back. “My name’s Yukio. Ally and I have been going to college together.” They talked back and forth, the conversation being nothing but friendly as Tom removed his shoes and jacket. Yukio grabbed my hand and led Tom and I back to the kitchen. To my surprise, the table was already set for 3, including a glass of tea for everyone and napkins. It wasn’t set a little bit ago when Yukio threatened to hurt Tom. How odd. Dinner went surprisingly well. Tom had left not long ago and Yukio was helping me with putting food away and washing dishes. I noticed he was unusually quiet. My mind wandered back to how he had threatened to hurt Tom. I couldn’t tell if he was serious or not, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t read his face. We finished filling the dishwasher and out of nowhere, Yukio tackled me and pinned me down on the floor. I yelped and stared up at him. “Yukio! What are you doing?” He immediately shushed me and started looking around. This was really weird… even for him. There was a noise upstairs and the realization of what he was doing finally dawned on me. There was someone in the house with us… an uninvited guest. Yukio stood and picked me up, carrying me to my room without a word. I wiggled and tried getting him to let go of me. “Wait Yukio…. Sylvester… Where is he?” He looked at me and lightly ruffled my hair with a smile, gently setting me on my bed. “Don’t worry, I’ll be right back. I’m going to find him for you.” I nodded and watched as he silently crept out of the room. He went to the kitchen and looked around for a moment, then without a word, grabbed the large steak knife from before off the counter. What was he up to? He didn’t need a knife to find a cat. For a moment, everything was silent; then there was the sound of someone walking down the stairs. The footsteps were light and slow, their rhythm almost graceful. The intruder was a girl. Yukio turned his attention to her. She was as pale as the first snowfall of the year, with waist length black hair, and deep black eyes that showed nearly no emotion. His face contorted to show anger. “You.” The girl smiled, showing off a set of small, vampire like fangs. “What, no greeting? I expected at least that much from you.” “I’m not your friend… don’t expect anything from me.” The girl giggled. “Oh Yukio… always so charming.” Somehow she made her sarcastic insult sound like a compliment. Suddenly her black eyes turned bright red and her casual expression turned to one of annoyance, and she practically spat venom in her words. “Where’s the creator?” “She’s not here.” “Don’t lie to me, you pathetic yandere. I know you’re hiding her.” “I’m doing nothing of the sort.” The girl sighed. “Fine whatever. I’ll have my demon maid search the house.” Yukio flinched. “Jade you wouldn’t dare!” “Watch me, freak.” Jade straightened up, seeming speaking to no one. “Azrael, check the house. Find our creator.” Another girl responded. “Yes mistress.” I slid back into a corner as I heard what sounded like everything in my house being torn apart and turned upside down. I took a deep breath and grabbed a pillow, hugging it close to myself. A girl with bright pink hair in a bun and red eyes appeared in my doorway. “There you are, creator.” An invisible force yanked the pillow away from me as she started moving closer to me. I panicked and started crawling towards the end of my bed so I could make a run for the door, but she was too quick. Azrael gripped a handful of my hair and dragged me out of my room with a straight face, completely ignoring my cries of pain. Yukio almost immediately noticed and had turned away from Jade long enough for her to come up behind him with what looked like a dagger. My eyes widened. “Yukio behind you!” He started turning around but instead was forced down onto his knees, the blade of the dagger pressing against his throat. Azrael pulled me up by my hair and forced me to stand, then grabbed my arms firm enough to break them if I tried to escape. Something changed in the atmosphere at that moment… I’m not entirely sure how to describe it. I guess instead of feeling helpless, I felt that there was a chance. I suddenly noticed a bright light shining under the door of another room. What the… Yukio followed my gaze and smiled a little. The door slowly opened, revealing 2 more girls, one in a solid white dress and the other wearing a dress that was light blue with an apron. The one in the white dress had long, wavy blonde hair and blue eyes, while the other had a long light brown braid and blue eyes. Angela and Gael. Jade turned her attention to the angels and growled. “Go away ass kissers, you weren’t invited!” Angela smiled. “We were sent by the son of God, so our being uninvited really isn’t of your concern right now.” Jade now looked worried. “The son of God, you say?” Angela nodded, and a wicked smile appeared on Jade’s face. “You’re both stupid! There is NO GOD.” She moved to slit Yukio's throat, but the dagger was swiftly removed from her hands by Gael. Angela frowned and spoke in the utmost assertive manner. “Maybe not to you, but I could care less. What I do care about is that you were about to commit another sin. You were about to harm these people without any authorization and without the right.” “I don’t need authorization, damnit. I do what I want!” Angela sighed. “I suppose there’s no reasoning with a demon as stubborn as you.” “AZRAEL KILL THE ANGELS.” The pink haired girl dropped me and charged toward Angela, but was stopped by Gael. The two began to fight, and Jade hissed in irritation as Angela started walking towards her. She let go of Yukio and turned her blade towards Angela instead. Without breaking the eye contact she shared with the demon, Angela spoke to yukio. “I’ll speak to you later in private. As for now, get the creator and her feline companion out of here. I don’t care where you go.” He nodded and got up, then ran off to look for Sylvester. I stood up and wobbled a little, grabbing my car keys and heading outside by myself. Yukio came out only a moment later with Sylvester, and we all got in my car. Yukio had insisted on driving, and with much hesitance, I handed him the keys and got into the passenger seat. After getting in the driver's seat and starting up the car, Yukio backed out of the driveway then slammed his foot down on the gas, sending us flying down the dirt road.We had forgotten to grab money before running off, so Yukio's idea of a place to temporarily stay was in a large abandoned barn that was in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t completely agree with it, but whatever. He parked the car inside the barn then pulled the large doors shut. We wandered around in the dark for a few minutes before he found a lantern and got a small fire going inside it. I held Sylvester close as I sat on a bale of hay, staying quiet as Yukio sat next to me and quietly mumbled. “Sorry.” I looked up at him. “What for?” He looked at the ground and fidgeted a little. “Coming into your home without asking, threatening to hurt your friend, almost getting you killed by demons… being a freak…” He sighed. “I’m a terrible boyfriend.” I was almost at a loss for words… Yukio had always been so happy before. Still holding Sylvester with one arm, I used my free hand to lightly pat his back. “I forgive you… almost getting us killed was not your fault. You couldn’t do anything without risking your own life. And who cares if you’re a freak? Maybe I like weird people.” He looked at me. “Really?” I smiled reassuringly and nodded. “Of course.” He smiled and blushed a little, moving closer to me. Yukio began leaning closer as if to try to kiss me, but I raised my hand and put it over his mouth before he could. He looked at me, clearly confused, and I smiled slightly. “Not in front of the child.” He gently peeled my hand off of his face. “What child?” I gestured to Sylvester. “Ohhh…..that child.” He huffed and looked a bit disappointed, and I couldn’t help but laugh at him. He blushed more and quickly looked away. I smiled and lightly kissed Sylvester's head. After a moment, Yukio looked at me. “That cat is like a child to you?” I nodded and looked at Sylvester. “Of course he is.” He followed my gaze and also looked at the cat in my arms. “How?” “I’ve had him since he was only 2 months old, and I’ve gotten to see him grow up. I take care of him and give him love, and if he’s ever sick I try my hardest to help him get better. He’s been close to me for a while, and he treats me like a mother.” Yukio smiled a little and gently pet Sylvester. Said cat glanced at him a few times but didn’t hiss or growl. Sylvester actually looked kind of tired. “He looks sleepy… I’m gonna go put him to bed, then I’m gonna try to lay down too.” Yukio nodded and watched quietly as I carried the large and fluffy black cat back over to the car. I opened the passenger door and gently set Sylvester in the seat, smiling as the cat curled up into a ball and yawned. I gently kissed Sylvester’s head. “Good night kitty…. I love you. I’ll be here if you need anything.” Sylvester meowed and closed his eyes. I crawled into the backseat and laid down, using a wad of clothes as a pillow. I closed my eyes and began to slip away into the land of dreams. The night passed quicker than usual. Instead of sleeping in the car with Sylvester and I, Yukio had slept on some bales of hay. I was starting to wake up, and hadn’t yet opened my eyes. There was weight on top of me. It was too heavy to be Sylvester, but too light to be Yukio. I opened my eyes and yawned, my mind still a bit hazy. Someone’s soft black hair lightly tickled my nose, and I looked down at the person. It was a child… a little boy. I sat up slowly and leaned back against the door, careful not to wake the boy. He yawned and tightly gripped at my shirt, still in a deep sleep. I looked around, taking note of the still sleeping Yukio. Sylvester was gone. I started frantically looking around and trying to find him, but he was nowhere in sight. The boy rubbed his eyes and mumbled. “Morning mommy…” I stared at him in confusion. “Who are you?” He looked up at me with large green eyes, rings of blue around his feline-like pupils. “It’s me, Sylvester.” “That’s impossible… my Sylvester is a cat.” The boy sat up and stretched. “That weird looking guy made me like this.” “What? How?” “I dunno. Magic I guess.” The morning and afternoon passed quickly by with no new problems. Wherever I went, Sylvester was right behind me. Yukio busied himself with gathering food for us, as we didn’t know how long we’d be stuck in this barn. At the moment, I was sitting on the ground with my back against a bale of hay, quietly texting Tom. I had explained our situation to him and described our location to him. I hadn’t however, noticed Yukio looking over my shoulder during the whole conversation. Tom said he’d arrive as soon as possible to get us, and if possible, let us stay with him until things cleared up. I was very thankful of this and made sure Tom knew I appreciated his efforts. “He’s coming here?” I jumped in surprise as Yukio made his presence known to me. “Uh yeah. He wants to see if we’d be able to stay with him until this whole thing blows over.” “Oh.” I nodded and stood up. “Where are you going?” “I have to pee.” He raised an eyebrow and watched as I made my way over to a large set of doors, which were shut. I took hold of the handles on the door and pulled as hard as I could, but it wouldn’t open. I tried several more times, all in vain. “Hey...why won’t these open?” I pulled at the doors again, beginning to get irritated. Yukio smiled a little and walked over. “I could open them…” He leaned down and ever so lightly nipped my earlobe, a hint of playfulness in his voice. “....but I don’t want to.” By the time I realized he had put his mouth on my ear, my face was bright red, and I snapped at him. “Why the hell not?” He smiled and hugged me from behind. “Because I enjoy watching you struggle. It’s rather cute.” Despite being clearly embarrassed, I kept trying my best to at least seem a little tough. “Hey...Yukio did you lock the doors? They weren’t like this last night.” He chuckled. “That’s correct… I did lock them.” I managed to wiggle enough so that I could turn and face him. He kept his arms around my waist, and his fingers locked at my lower back as I looked up at him. “Why would you do that? We need to get out of here…. We can’t stay here forever.” He tilted his head slightly. “There are many, many dangerous things outside those doors…. I only wanted you to be safe.” Without thinking, I raised my right hand and slapped him. Hard. As a rad welt that was shaped like a handprint began to form on his cheek, I could tell he was surprised. I was surprised as well… I had never done anything like this before. The look of shock in his eyes immediately turned to a look of hurt, then a look of anger. He grabbed me by the throat and shoved me against the doors of the barn as I wiggled and clawed at his hand. He tightened his grip and I began gasping for air. Sylvester looked at us from the backseat of my car, and in a moment’s notice he was running towards us. He started pounding his tiny fists against Yukio’s side, but squealed in pain as he was roughly kicked away. Yukio leaned closer to me and whispered. “There may be dangerous things outside, but if you’re ungrateful and hit me again, there will be even more dangerous things inside this barn, with you.” Sylvester was on the ground, starting to sob loudly as he clutched his side with both hands. Yukio glared at him and spat venom within his words. “Shut up, you whiny little brat!” Sylvester kept crying and Yukio tightened his grip on my throat, cutting off even more air than before. Although I was being choked and my air supply was slowly being cut off, the sound of Sylvester's sobbing rang in my ears. I dug my fingernails into Yukio's arm as hard as I could, drawing blood. He turned his attention back to me and I took a deep breath and forced out a sentence. “Do not…. Make my child cry…. Ever again.” Yukio rolled his eyes and dropped me. “I can’t have this…. You care about that runny nosed baby more than me. I’M SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONLY MAN IN YOUR LIFE.” He picked up a shovel and glared at me as I looked up at him. “Yukio...please stop…” His eyes watered up. “IF HE MEANS SO MUCH TO YOU, MAYBE I SHOULD GET RID OF HIM. AFTER ALL, HE’S ONLY GETTING BETWEEN US.” I started to stand, but was roughly pushed to the floor. Yukio began walking towards Sylvester with the shovel in hand. I stood and walked up behind Yukio. “Listen to me Yukio, you don’t have to do it. Leave him alone, he’s just a child!” Yukio swung the shovel at me, and after a loud clang, I collapsed to the ground in a fit of tears as I clutched the side of my head. “JUST LET ME KILL HIM ALREADY.” I sniffled and weakly started crawling towards him, trying my best to ignore the throbbing pain in my head and the feeling of a warm liquid trickling down the side of my face and my neck. Yukio watched as I crawled over to him and grabbed a handful of his pant leg, still crying. “Yukio please….stop already. You’re scaring me…” There was the sound of tires on the gravel outside and Yukio sighed, lightly shaking me off of him. “I’ll be back for you darling… I’ve got another problem to deal with.” He started walking towards the barn door with the shovel in hand. I laid my head on the ground and started crying harder, not seeing as the teal haired stranger approached me. “Miss?” I looked up to see a pale boy with shoulder length teal hair and a set of golden eyes that hid behind glasses. He offered me his hand. “Hurry… he’ll be back soon. We need to get you and the child out of here.” I sniffled and nodded, taking his hand without a second thought. My recovery took approximately 3 weeks. The people that saved Sylvester and I; I couldn’t express how grateful I was to them. The woman that looked after Sylvester was named Matrona, and the boy that looked after me was named Blaine. Matrona was slightly younger than Blaine, with waist length silver hair that was curly and had 2 large braids in front that were almost always draped over her shoulders, apart from the rest of her hair. Her eyes were the same shade of teal as that of Blaine’s hair, and she was tan from being outside a lot. Blaine had explained to me what my condition was when he saved me compared to my condition now, and I was shocked. My neck had dark bruises around it that looked like handprints, and part of my head was split open and bleeding. I learned that Blaine had gotten his hands on a heavy sedative and while I was passed out, he took the liberty of cleaning blood off me and stitching up the wound on my head. There was also a large bruise on the center of my chest from where Yukio had pushed me; of course it had started fading and turning yellow and green, rather than black and purple. Sylvester had a cracked rib, and naturally, his side was heavily bruised. Sylvester slept a lot, but I slept more. My sleep always seemed to be accompanied by nightmares. Today was the day that I’d get to crawl out of bed and go see Sylvester. Blaine helped me to a sitting position, and once that was accomplished, he gently wrapped an arm around me and helped me stand. He slowly but carefully helped me walk to the room where Sylvester was being kept in. As I walked through the door with Blaine still at my side, Sylvester sat straight up and smiled at me. “Mama!” I smiled a little as Blaine then helped me sit on the foot end of Sylvester’s bed. “That’s right… I’m here now.” Blaine began to carefully remove the 3 day old gauze that was stuck to the side of my head with medical tape. Sylvester watched him and frowned. “Is your head gonna be ok mama?” I smiled weakly. “Yes… I’m sure I’ll be ok.” Blaine taped fresh gauze to my head and quietly disposed of the old gauze. Sylvester’s eyes began to water up and my weak smile turned into a frown. “Hey what’s wrong Sylvester?” His bottom lip trembled as he started to cry. Against Blaine’s advice, I slowly laid down beside Sylvester and wrapped an arm around him. The child clung to me and I held him close as he kept crying. I started humming after a few seconds and Sylvester’s sniffling started to slow down. “When I am down, and, oh, my soul, so weary, When troubles come, and my heart burdened be, Then, I am still and wait here in the silence Until you come and sit awhile with me…” Sylvester rubbed his eyes and looked up at me as I started to softly sing to him. “You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains….You raise me up to walk on stormy seas…” He smiled weakly and sang the next line back to me. “I am strong when I am on your shoulders…..You raise me up to more than I can be….” My heart melted at that instant. “There is no life, no life without its hunger. Each restless heart beats so imperfectly, But then you come, and I am filled with wonder. Sometimes I think I glimpse eternity..” Sylvester yawned and cuddled close to me as I gently pet his hair. “You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains. You raise me up to walk on stormy seas… I am strong when I am on your shoulders. You raise me up to more than I can be…” At that, Sylvester was fast asleep. I smiled a little and kissed his head before slowly sitting up. A week passed by in silence. The only real important thing to happen was Sylvester's recovery. His cracked rib was completely healed…. All the was left now was his bruising. He ran around the house and played, just as any other child would, while I on the other hand was still mostly bedridden. The wound on my head was almost completely healed now, but Blaine was confining my to my bed in hopes that I wouldn’t do anything to hurt myself further. I was still having nightmares almost every night and I still had frequent headaches. Blaine worried that the blow to my head was too much, and that I suffered some amount of brain damage, so he had convinced me to do something everyday to try to keep my brain active. Such activities included word puzzles, simple math, reading a book, putting puzzles together, and messing with a rubik's cube. Sylvester came to see me everyday, and he often took naps with me and attempted to stay in my room with me overnight. There were a handful of times that his attempts were successful, but Blaine was persistent of him sleeping in his own room at night. On this particular day, Blaine and Matrona were expecting a guest. I must’ve asked a thousand times who they were expecting, but all they said was that it was someone important that they work for. As time passed and we waited for their guest, I felt myself growing more and more anxious. What if it was someone like Yukio? I quietly laid in bed on my side, with both of my blankets pulled up to my nose as I tried to take a nap. Just as I was about to doze off, there was a knock on my door. I resisted the urge to groan and ignore it, and I invited whoever knocked to come inside. It was a girl that I hadn’t seen before. She had rather short dark brown hair and a pale skin. Her figure was slim, and she dressed all in black. My gaze roamed up to her face, and for a moment, her deep brown eyes had in me almost in a trance. She smiled a little. “Hey, I’m Alyx. I work with Blaine and Matrona.” I nodded. “My name’s--” “Ally. I know about you already.” “How?” She walked over and sat on the edge of my bed. “I’m the one that hired those other two to come rescue you.” I was at a loss for words and clearly in a state of confusion. “You’re confused. I can understand.” I nodded and didn’t look at her. “Why’d you wanna rescue me? I’m pretty useless… I’m not supremely good at anything.” She watched me and smiled a little as she spoke. “You have an ability that most ordinary humans don’t even know exists. You’re creative… not on an ordinary plane though. The extent of your creativity has brought life to many beings… I’m sure you’ve already met some of them. The angels and demons… I’m currently in a battle against the demons you’ve met, along with several others” “And Yukio?” “He’s my enemy. I’m absolutely sure that I’ll destroy him.”
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