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Story listed as: Fiction For Teens | Theme: Adventure | Subject: Paranormal | Published here : 10/24/2016
Vampire Story: Alucard's Arrival 
By Connor Salmon
Born 2003, M, from Sydney, Australia
Chapter 1: The arrival

Connor walked to school. It wasn't too far, only down the road, but his bag was killing his back. Too many books, he thought as he walked. Connor felt slightly thirsty, and drunk some water, but it didn't do anything for him. He was unsatisfied with his life. He wanted to be different, abnormal almost. He was afraid of his Geography teacher, Amy Wallis. He couldn't finish his explanation on Ancient Egypt, and now he was screwed. Probably get an afternoon detention or something. Yep, that's how bad she was.

Connor made it to school, but he didn't chat with his friend Jordan like normal, he sat by the classrooms, waiting for Homewood. He just wanted the day to get over itself. Then before the bell rang, two boys walked up to him. They were the Martinez twins. They were nice enough, but anger them enough and you're in for it. Connor remembered why they were there...Connor had picked a fight with their best friend, Julian Rodriguez. They were mad.

"Oy! Get up you sadistic s***" Jeremiah, the taller twin said. Connor grunted and stood up. He was tired of all the swearing, they never stopped. Connor looked up to encounter a fist in his face. Connor crumpled like paper, blood everywhere. Jonah, the other one, kicked him on the ground. "Get UP! You know you shouldn't disobey us mate!" he said. Connor licked the blood off his top lip, and it seemed to give Connor didn't care though, he got up and dodged the next punch. Connor grabbed Jeremiah's arm and twisted it, and backhanded Jonah as Jeremiah cried out in pain. Connor delivered a big blow to Jonah's head, knocking him out, then Jeremiah head butted him. Connor licked more blood, and grabbed Jeremiah. He got Jeremah in a headlock, and waited for Jeremiah to surrender. Jeremiah gave up immediately and ran, abandoning his brother.

Connor cleaned up and finished all his subjects, landing nothing but a lunch detention for the Geography issue. Now Assembly was it. Connor waited as the principal droned on about safety. That's when it happened, an attack...a big one too. If only Connor knew that the attack was meant to kill him. Bullets pierced through the walls, and the entire school was screaming in horror. Eventually, a dark but joyful voice echoed throughout the hall.
"Well, I hope somebody found THAT entertaining. Did you see that guy's head? It was like, PHBBBLT! Hahahaha, I haven't enjoyed killing for some time!" Connor didn't know who it was, nor did anyone else, but Connor knew one thing. This guy murdered people, and Connor had dealt with murderers before. But THIS guy was clearly crazy, and nobody even knew where he was. The bullets just came through the doors and killed a few people, that's it. Then he appeared, on the stage, a man with a red trench coat, blood colour, with a pale face and glowing deep orange glasses, he wore a hat that matched his suit and he seemed really happy, black hair gleaming in the light. Connor knew one thing, this guy was some type of wizard. A vampire from the looks of things, but there was no such thing, was there? Then the man talked again.
"Say, that was fun. Now, where's the kid I'm looking for here?" He pulled out a notepad, and looked up.
"Connor Salmon? Crappy name if you ask me, but if you're there, tell me, or I may as well empty your skull." Connor hesitated. Did the man want him dead? Maybe. That could be why he attacked. But Jeremiah, who was behind Connor yelled out, "He's here!" Connor turned and nailed Jeremaih in the face, knocking him down. The man in red saw and smiled in approval. "Suuuup Connor, see, my company wants you either dead or on our side, I don't know why, but...they seem to think you're important, so maybe I should just clip you or something." The man aimed a pistol at Connor. Connor froze, at that range, Connor wasn't sure if the man would hit him, or if Connor could attack the man. But he knew one thing now... The man mentioned a company wanting him dead or with them. Connor didn't want a death at his age. "What's this company you've been mentioning?" Connor asked. The man seemed like he expected the exact question, but judging from his insanity, you couldn't tell. "Can't tell you in front of the rest of these idiots, but my boss, who is a total idiot by the way, asked me to find you, and she would reward me with a holiday to Brazil. She wanted you dead or alive, but said she prefer alive. Of course, I don't play by her rules..." The man aimed the gun higher, finger on the trigger. "Wait! I want to see your boss. I kind of agree on her choice of my life right now." Connor said. "Tsk, tsk. You're a coward playing by her rules, but I suppose I cannot refuse, oh, and I haven't mentioned my name, it's Alucard, but I call myself the Crimson F*****, call me whatever, as long as it's not CheekyD***Waffle or something." Alucard stepped down, and grabbed Connor by the arm and dragged him out of the place.

This was gonna be a LONG day.

Chapter 2: The deal with Hellsing

Connor went to Britain, and entered a shady building, with guards everywhere. The guards seemed more alert about Alucard then Connor. Alucard stopped to annoy a guard, and another guard whispered to Connor "Be careful around Alucard, he's crazy as Hitler" and Connor continued to walk after Alucard put the other guard to the point of bursting in anger. Connor later entered a hall, and Alucard got a call on his phone. It was apparently from his boss. Alucard answered. "Hello?" The boss said. Alucard smiled and remained silent. The boss hung up, and Alucard called the boss again. Alucard stayed silent again, prank calling the boss repeatedly. Until eventually, his boss seemed to get what was happening and yelled at Alucard, Alucard however stayed silent, but eventually he said "Sup, b****." Alucard said he had Connor and that he was nearby, and he also tried to persuade the boss to give him a 70 inch plasma TV with Netflix in Brazil. Alucard hung up and entered the boss' room. "Alucard, go for a walk or something, I need to speak with Connor alone." The boss said without greeting. Alucard laughed and said, how enthusiastic should the walk be? And the boss replied, "Whatever keeps you busy, and this time, DONT kill our guards on the way back in." Alucard grinned evilly and walked out.

"Have a seat, Connor." The boss said. Connor didn't need to be told twice, he noticed the boss couldn't be seen, she was a silhouette. But she had two objects in front of her. On the left of her was a glass of red liquid. On her right was a loaded pistol. "So...what do you think of Alucard?" She asked. Connor hesitated. "Uhhh...I don't know yet really..." Connor said. The boss remained silent. "And how do you feel after being brought here?" She finally said. Connor blurted the answer out instantly, "I want to live a normal life. I don't like it here, why am I so important to you?" Connor asked. The boss' fingers twitched a bit. "Normally I ask the questions, however, I acknowledge you have a right to know why you are here." The boss said. Connor nodded. "We are in need of forces, but we don't want any more humans or natural vampires, we want PURE vampires, like Alucard." The boss said. Connor couldn't help the next question. "Vampires exist? And...Alucard is one?" The boss grinned, Connor could see it. "Indeed, I am one myself, but I cannot fully control Alucard, that's why he is so...insecure. We found a rare gene in you, one identical to Alucard's. It appears you two could be related. And if that is the case, you are destined to be a vampire." Connor tried to take it all in. "So...I'm a vampire? But...I don't like blood." The boss chuckled. "Actually, you do. If I'm not mistaken, you were in a fight with two twins, and your own blood seemed to replenish you. Normally, even Alucard would not regenerate from his own blood, so if I'm not mistaken, you could be the number one vampire. We NEED you Connor, the Pope has sided with the Nazis and are planning vampire extinction. We found you with perfect symptoms and even signs that your vampire has already been activated." The boss said. "So you want me to save this company and all the vampires in the world?" Connor asked. "Indeed, however, your vampire hasn't been fully activated. This is where your big choice comes in. The boss pointed at the gun and liquid on both sides of her. "Death? Or life as a Vampire working for Alucard and me?" She asked. Connor saw this as an opportunity, and didn't even have to think. "Okay, it's a deal" Connor said, The boss slid the bottle of liquid to Connor. "Blood is rich in iron, drink it all, and activate your inner vampire. Enjoy, son of Alucard."
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