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Story listed as: Fiction For Teens | Theme: Science Fiction | Subject: Futuristic | Published here : 10/30/2016
The Beginning of The End 
By Eloc Nitram
M, from Ardsley, United States
In every earthling’s life there's a second that lasts forever… this was my moment…

It´s weird in a wormhole, not in a looking weird way, but more like a feeling weird way. It feels like there are ants on your skin and rats in your brain. Clawing, walking. It tastes like strawberries and dirt mixed together and smells like a discontinued JB cologne. When people say that they've seen beauty, they haven't. In fact, no one has seen this. To explain, when I say it's stunning, it literally stuns me. Some people actually think that this place is some kind of purgatory. Like when you die, you come here instead of heaven or hell. It's a psychedelic black hole, a singularity effect that never ends. But then it's over. The scholars say that it only lasts 1/10th of a second, but in my mind, it lasts a lifetime.

I emerge in water, not even getting a chance to breathe. I swim upwards but it seems endless. No. Escape. Someone dies below me and gets sucked back into the wormhole, what does it mean? I'm pawing at the water but it's no use, my vision is already going black…

I gasp for air as I surface from the majestic blue water.
“Hurry up MAGGOT,” screams the sergeant.
I look around dazed. A tree. So simple. So elegant. But there's more. Soil. It may seem weird but in my mind, this is a world of firsts. But as soon as it started, it was over, the tree has a soldier sized hole in the wood. Now I remember what I'm here for. War.

We’re setting up camp in an abandoned sugar factory.
“Creeaaak.” The woods panels slide together.
The rest of our platoon emerges from the large plantation doors.
“We've brought ol’ faithful!” Thousands of cannons and guns washed in like a tidal wave of death, including our mother cannon. Our home savior. Our pride. This cannon means everything to us.

We wake up to the sound of a bullhorn and sunlight shining in our faces. Sunlight I think again to myself. Sunlight.
“Wake up everyone!” holleres the drill sergeant general. “We have work to do!”
We load the weapons in the hovercraft and jump on the side. War is all around us as we ride into battle. The turrets are shooting and cannons are blasting. We are just about to take out the missiles but the machines are already here.

The crowd scrambles around finding our limited supply of grenades. They thud as they hit the ground. We shoot and shoot as the bots and drones lay completely still. Then it's quiet. Too quiet.

An abattoir breakes out. It was a massacre of mass destruction. The megabot `bursts out bringing 20 trees down with it. This thing is built to take hits. Bullets bounce off like a bouncy ball on a trampoline- it doesn't work well.
“RETREAT!!!” Hollores the general.
“No” I replied
“Thats an order!”
“If you think that you can do anything here then you're wrong!”
“Restrain him!”
I then thought back to when i was just a little youngling:

“Take this son”, he said as he handed me a machine gun.
“Dad what am i gonna do with this?”
“You're gonna fight. If there is one thing that I can teach, it's to never, EVER, give up. Shoot.”
I shot the gun until there was nothing left in the clip.
“Keep going”, he screamed,”they’re almost retreating”
The rebels kept moving forward as the recoil of the gun knocked me back. RATATAT. The last few were taken out by my dad. BRA BRA BRA.
“That'll do son, that’ll do. We need more magabithians like you,” he said proudly,” Take this with you till the day you die.”
“Sure will.”

I was 15 when I was getting home from medici school district when a black car pulled up in our moonpool garage and two men in uniform solemnly got out I was oblivious to what was happening when i could hear a mere silent sob and the drop of a tear.
“Go to your room.”
I slowly began to realize the sad truth. My one and only father was dead. This was it, my whole life of breaking rules and not following directions has been held together by this man and now it's all gone. This is when it all went south. The moment I realized this I immediately went into a rant, I got my pistol and my knife and robbed the town market. Only 1 week after, I was in a military training camp. It was three years until I was released. So when the guards told me that the rebels had taken my mom, there was only one thing i could do.

“Hut- 2- 3- 4- Hut- 2-3-4. ANNND UP!”
I broke away from my squad the first chance I got. I sprinted to the mother cannon and found the coordinates for their military base.
“This is for my fami-”
“I wouldn't do that,” said a voice from the intercomm.
“Who are you?”
“We’re the people who have your mother”

A picture appeared on the screen. It was my mom. And she had a knife on her throat.
“How bout you take your finger off that button. You magabithian scum, always thinkin you're so different just because you live in the middle of the earth. You're no different from the rest of them. And your little pets that you call Biffs? There Ugly. And so is your entire race.”
“What did you just say…”

What happened after that I don't want to go into detail to, all you need to know is my mom is dead, and there's a crippled town to show for it.

The cell that I'm in isn't a very nice place, luckily, the guard doesn't notice a little sleight of hand. I slip the keys and wait until he is gone, and when he is out of sight, I make my move. I steal a gun and hop in the nearest blackhawk. I jump out of my helicopter mid flight and deploy my parachute making sure to aim the helicopter at their base. KABLAMMY… The blast hurt my ears. It created a mushroom cloud of red and orange pillars, extending endlessly into the atmosphere. But as majestic as it was, it was even more destructive. I need to get out. I search on the ground for a door or panel. Anything I can use to hide from the forest fire. I find a little metal panel and try to jimmy it open with my knife but all of a sudden my radio turns on: “Disturbances in the rebel base. Prep the cannons”
No I thought to myself, This can't be happening right now. And the last thing I remember was a sparkle of light coming from the sky, and the best resemblance of the big bang that i've ever seen.

Where am I, I think to myself.
“It's ok”
“Who are you?”
“Hey Devin... remember that wormhole you were in…”
“Don't you remember me Devin?”
“Well I'm the one who set you down on the surface. I'm the wormhole
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