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Story listed as: Fiction For Children | Theme: Science Fiction | Subject: Science Fiction | Published here : 11/01/2016
By Justin Lee
Born 2004, M, from Shanghai, China
In a place like the Black Hole, it is always dark and freezing cold. Nobody knows where the inhabitants of the Black Hole came from but they have always been there. My position as Head of Space Exploration at Earth’s Grand Space Science Department enables me to learn about this colony of robots in the Black Hole. Our unit has monitored their existence for the last ten years, starting in late 4016.
Two robots caught our attention. We named them Robo and Boro. They seem to be very intelligent and they are always working. The Language Group spent a long time trying to decide their words. Mr. Murabi, their leader, informed our group that they are beginning to make sense of Robo and Boro’s conversations. They learned something like this:
“We need more explosive for the Earth Project ” said Robo who seem to be very excited. “ Of course, we can make more. I have already asked for additional materials to be brought in,” answered Boro. After that, they were silent. “
Mr. Buraka, what do you think is going on ?” Mr. Murabi asked me. I told him, “ I don’t know. We need to know more. The word “ explosive “ worries me. “ Are you sure of your decoding?”, I asked. Mr. Murabi nodded and left through the door that connects our work rooms.
About two weeks after our conversation Mr. Murabi came to visit me at home. He was pale and looks very frightened. He started explaining as he entered, saying he wants me to go with him to Grand Space immediately. We listened at the decoded conversation of the robots at the Black Hole. A very loud voice was shouting “ you psycho robots can not do this. You will kill everything that lives on Earth. “ I suspect this robot is the number one leader. Then Boro explained, “ the Earth’s gravity is too strong. It will pull the Black Hole towards the sun and we will all die.” The other psycho robot, Robo added his voice by saying “ The temperature is getting higher. We have to destroy the Earth or will be destroyed.” Other robots did not agree with Robo and Boro. They were shouting that they are crazy. The robot leader was not able to prevent the crowd of good robots to attack Robo and Boro.

Mr. Murabi and I had to be calm and released news to all inhabitants of Earth about the plan of the psycho robots to destroy the Earth.
From the voices we are hearing. The good robots are still fighting the psycho robots. Robot Boro and Robo plan to release 100 bombs. A team of good robots is trying to stop by pushing them over the Black Hole so they can get killed before we die on the bombs.
They were able to release one bomb before the good robots were able to overpower them. After some time, we heard that the two psycho robots were killed. The good robots were checking what Robo and Boro did on Earth Project. We were so happy to hear that Robo and Boro made a huge mistake about the affect of the Earth’s gravity on Black Hole. Earth’s gravity is not really a threat to Black Hole. Mr. Murabi and I heard the celebration of the good robots. They were so happy that the Earth was not destroyed. We also heard that the one bomb released can not really do any damage on Earth because one bomb is not strong enough to explode the Earth.
The following day, I heard from the news on TV about an explosion in the Sahara Desert in Africa. The news said “,it was not a big deal and no people were hurt.”
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