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Story listed as: Fiction For Teens | Theme: Fantasy / Fairy Tale | Subject: Death / Divorce / Loss | Published here : 11/05/2016
The Wizard of Illusions 
By Jared Victor Llomo
Born 2001, M, from Bacolod City, Philippines
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“Zephyr! Come over here and play with me.” Macy cried out while she was playing with the baby unicorns of the mystical planet, Magia. Macy, a 15-year-old, is a witch whose specialty is deceiving people with her enchanting charm. Her emerald eyes look through souls while her golden hair radiates a warm, jocund aura. Zephyr, on the other hand, is a 16-year-old wizard whose power is undetermined. All that the black-haired boy knows is that he can create things at his mind’s will. The two of them were really close to each other as if they were already a married couple. Almost everyone in their city would say that they’re inseparable. Macy suddenly stopped playing with the unicorns and sat on a bench. She held her hand in midair and gestured Zephyr to sit with her. As soon as the boy sat on the bench, they began talking.
“Hey, my birthday is just 2 days away. Do you have any gift in mind?” Macy asked Zephyr.
“I don’t know yet. I have already given you a lot—a diamond castle, phoenixes, strawberry gardens, chocolate fountains, and more. I’m running out of ideas.” Zephyr, with a nonchalant tone, replied.
“Well, maybe this time, you can give me the Pendant of Venus,” Macy suggested.
Zephyr was shocked to hear her words. He knew that Macy’s suggestion is a really hard task. The Pendant of Venus is an amulet to be worn by witches with attraction magic. It expands the user’s power coverage which means that Macy could deceive almost all minds of the people in her country. Such kind of amulet is hard to obtain. It is hidden in a cave guarded by dragons which gives Zephyr only two choices—to bypass the dragons’ security or to fight them head on.
“I just really don’t know if I could get it Macy, but I have to try my best,” Zephyr told her.
Macy’s face was filled with joy. She jumped with excitement and hugged Zephyr.
It was already twilight. The clouds are beginning to turn dark and fog is starting to cover the atmosphere. Zephyr, together with his unicorn, walked muddy grounds. They were headed to the cave where the Pendant of Venus resides. A few hours later, they found themselves at the foot of an icy rock mountain. While the wind gave them a chilly feeling, Zephyr found an opening, 12-feet above them. The wizard willed his mind to form a levitating platform and aimed for the opening. Upon touching the edge of the cavity, pairs of eyes glowed before him. Zephyr willed his mind to create a ball of light to illuminate his surroundings, and later on found out that he have disturbed the dragons. The boy trapped the dragons using his mind power, dashed through them, and found the glowing amulet that Macy was asking for. Zephyr hurriedly went out, but as he was about to jump, the dragons caught him. The amulet fell out of his hands and landed on the horn of his unicorn. Zephyr felt his magic power weakening, but with all his might, he tried to immobilize the dragons once more. He used the remaining time to escape. While on the way back to the town, he wrote a message in his mind. It was his message for Macy in case he might meet his demise. ‘I will come back Macy’, Zephyr thought. Suddenly, he felt a claw around his waist and it dragged him up into the air. The unicorn, with the amulet around its horn and the message stuck in its reins, kept on running with increasing speed.
Finally, the unicorn arrived at the town with the skies are filled with sunlight. It went to Macy who was watering the garden. The girl was surprised to see both Zephyr’s unicorn and the Pendant of Venus. She laughed with joy and excitement and she hugged the unicorn. That was also the time when she noticed that Zephyr was not with the creature.
“Hey little guy. Where’s Zephyr?” she asked.
The unicorn neighed and show the message stuck in its reins. Macy pulled it out slowly and opened the letter.
Dear Macy. I got the Pendant of Venus. I hope you are really happy. I’m kind of stuck in a knot right now but I promise that I’m going to go back to you as soon as possible. Love, Zephyr.
Macy’s heart was starting to feel dread. She was worried about Zephyr. Still, she managed to relax herself a little. She sat on a bench for nearly 10 hours. The sky was turning orange and the stars were beginning to show up, but there is still no sign of Zephyr. A few minutes later, she saw her diamond castle covered with glitters and so were her strawberry garden and chocolate fountains.
Suddenly, an old man stepped beside Macy. “Oh. They’re fading,” the old man said.
“What do they mean?” Macy asked with an obvious hint of confusion in her tone.
“Well, it’s just that they are disappearing forever. Only a wizard of illusions must have done this.”
There was an awkward pause.
“If illusions fade, it means that their creator has died.” The last words of the old man left Macy in tears. Everything that Zephyr had given to her was just an illusion. Things may be there for a while, but they won’t last forever. Macy ran back home and cried really hard. She couldn’t accept the fact that Zephyr had died. She kept on wishing that the love of her life would come back but she received nothingness as a response. Macy was given illusions and those were her source of joy. She wished that she had given more attention to her relationship with Zephyr for she knows that only love—true love—can last forever. They would’ve lived in a bright reality, but she gave importance to unimportant things.
Things that gave her makeshift satisfactions.
Things which are mortal.
And they were all Zephyr’s illusions.
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