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Story listed as: Fiction For Adults | Theme: Fantasy / Fairy Tale | Subject: Inspirational / Uplifting | Published here : 11/07/2016
God will send in the clowns 
By adam
Born 1990, M, from Florissant/MO, United States
God Will Send in the Clowns

There once was a young boy about six years old. Who in lying in bed suffering from the Big C. His mom and dad asked their only son what is his last wish. With the nurses standing by his parents he said I wish I can see the clowns. Son I am sorry to say that the only way you can see clowns is if you go to the circus and the circus doesn’t come to town till next year his father said. Tears developed in the boy eyes as well as his family knowing he would never be able to see the circus.

After his parents left the hospital to go home his mother spotted four rambunctious clowns doing trick and playing silly pranks on each other. They stopped the car and his mother asked the crazy clowns if they would come to the hospital to see their dying son.

Right away the clowns agreed to see their son to help him. The four insane clowns got into the car went back to the hospital. One the way back something amazing happened the four clowns began to pray for the little boy which surprised his parents. As soon as they pulled into a parking space the clowns jumped out of the car before the boy’s parents got out of the car. The clowns waited for his parents.

As they walk down the hall into the boys room as he lied asleep. The clowns set up their show for the young boy. The boy’s mother told her son to wake up and see the clowns.

Right away the boy opened his eyes opened and saw the clowns doing tricks while telling jokes the boys’ face lit up like the New York Christmas Tree. Before the clowns left the boys’ sight, one of the clowns told him that God has a special gift for you in heaven. As the clowns left along with his parent’s minutes later the boy passed away with a smile on his face.

When the boy went to heaven he didn’t see any angels, what he saw was clowns in it was the boy’s dreams come true. He spotted the four clowns that were in the room where he passed away in. He ran up to the clowns and hugged and told them, this is my biggest dream come true.
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