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Story listed as: Fiction For Children | Theme: Adventure | Subject: Adventure | Published here : 11/08/2016
The Bush That Never Died 
By Yeye Jin
Born 2005, M, from Harare, Zimbabwe
There was once a bush that lived in the center of the Muhata Village. This mystical gift of nature had been there since the start of human life. The villagers there worshiped the mysterious and marvelous shrub and it was known as The Leafy Gift. The bush was ideally nestled on the best soil in the land, soil that has been watered, fertilized and loosened everyday. One day, a man from another village called Suicune (pronounced Su-i-coon) came to the bush and thought how much wealth he would get if he sold the costly artifact in his own village.

Suicune made a plan of how he was going to chop the bush and take it to his house. His plan was when everyone was asleep, he would come in, chop the bush, put a fake one in its place and flee swiftly out of the village. Suicune started the process. He waited for midnight to come, during that time he practiced doing it with some help from his friend called Maily. Finally, midnight came. The pit fires went off, the lanterns burned out. The whole village was in bed. Suicune brought his shining axe to the center of the village. He readied his axe and swung it powerfully at the bush. He was shocked to see that it did not fall, but his glittering axe head did instead. Suicune looked at the tiny branches and leaves, it did not even have a single scratch on it! He had a change of plans.

The next night, Suicune came with a rotten and rusted shovel. He dug around the bush and tried to pull it out, but he could not wrench it from the soil! The roots of the bush were dug very deep and incredibly stable. Suicune thought, he needed to bring out the big, bad weapons! He thought it was easy but it was really difficult. Suicune was tired of waiting a long time to be able to try and take the tree. Luckily, he knew a Witch Doctor named Hobhu who was one of the best witch doctors in the world. Suicune went to see Hobhu, he said that he wanted lots of potions that could make someone fall asleep for a long time. Suicune went out to the Muhata village and placed lots of nasty sprayers around the village. He also bought a suit that would make him invincible to the mysterious brew. He waited one last and final time for night and he made his move slowly. Suicune took a crew of people to the bush and told them that he'd share his wealth with them if they cut down the shrubbery. The crew was laughing and thought this was a joke, so one of them swung his axe and he was shocked that the bush did not fall but his axe head did. Again and again the people tried to chop the unbreakable vegetation but it just did not fall! They all went back home thinking that they had been dreaming about the axe heads and the leaves.

Suicune just thought if his plan got ruined, he would lose all of his wealth. Suddenly, the earth around him shook, was it an earthquake?
It was not an earthquake but it was the Muhata Village invading Suicune because he had angered the God of Nature. The brew had no effect on them because Hobhu gave Suicune the wrong potion by mistake. They captured Suicune and the Muhatians put him into jail with the rest of his crew. Suicune was sulking and planning to escape once again and attempt to steal the bush, again.
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