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Story listed as: Fiction For Teens | Theme: Science Fiction | Subject: Drama | Published here : 11/09/2016
Fullmetal alchemist 
By Insharah Ali
Born 6, F, from Karachi, Pakistan
Alchemy is the science of understanding the reconstruction and deconstruction of matter,but not all of it is about elements,matter or compounds.
Alchemy is best known as construction ; or in other words it is used to break things and combine them in a different way which can be very beneficial.For the past decades many alchemists have been using this science for their benefits - however some encountered a forbidden alchemy known as human transmutation which brings the dead back to life.
During this forbidden process , something of equivalent must be lost in order to obtain something and if you want to obtain the soul then you must first give something.
This is the first and last law of alchemy and it is very , I mean very important to alchemists.

Edward and Alohonse Elric - two close brothers - gain interest in alchemy and become more inthralled in knowing more , so thus they learn more about it until they receive devastating news.
Their mother falls sick and dies unfortunately , depressed and startled , the Elric brothers decide to bring their dead mother back with extensive desperation.
They get all the human elements and assemble them in the middle of the human transmutation and put the remains of their mother.
They begin the alchemy...but something exotics happens...Alphonse looses his whole body and disssappers - on the other hand Edward looses his whole arm!

Blood trickles from Edward's arm and oozes towards the transmutation circle , he screams and wails in great agony , zealous to fix everything and bring back his brother.
He gives away his right leg to get his brothers's soul back - but when he does , he promptly attaches his brother's soul to an armour and continues to grimace.
His whole life become a disaster and his brother - worst of all - tolerates great pain form the sin they had committed.
Edward realizes that human transmutation is a fake...a blender!!
Edward and Alphonse begin their new journey towards finding their bodies and restoring's time they fix their sin.

To be continued in the next part soon.
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