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Story listed as: Fiction For Children | Theme: Science Fiction | Subject: General Interest | Published here : 11/19/2016
The Old 'Hospital' 
By Jacky
Born 2005, M, from Portland, Oregon, United States
The Old 'Hospital'
“Hi there!” A doctor looks at me. There is no one else in the small old hospital which makes it look like a ghost room. The doctor is a tall, old man with a really long mustache.

“I don’t think anyone has been here before,” I think, taking a deep breath.

In a town named Yik everything is quiet. The sun is right on top of this town and that’s how it got its nickname -------- The Town of Sun. There is only 100 people that live in this town because many people moved to another city because of the bright sun. People complain about the weather constantly being too hot and dry. 1950 was the year I moved here and that’s when I became the talk of the town. Because I have some inflammation on my body caused by the sun and this doctor is famous for fixing these issues.

This doctor’s name is Dr. Peter and he is the most famous doctor in the whole universe. The people in Yik don’t know anything about other towns and don’t even have any newspapers.

“Hi,” I answer him nervously.

“I know, I know this hospital is very scary but I’m not a ghost or anything like that,” Dr. Peter says, “and I need to tell you something, this is not a hospital, it is an office.”

“It is an office?!” I yell.

“Now c’mon in, I have something to show you.” He says kindly.

“Do you know that this is an ice cream town?” Dr.Peter ask?
“Huh? What's that supposed to mean?” I say. Dr. Peter continues,
“Ice cream is very important here because it is the hottest town in the world and because our ancestors’ favorite type of dessert is ice cream!” He explains as we walk toward a room.

“Wow, that is very impressive,” I answer excitedly.
“This is the room that all the people in this town want to come in -----The Unmeltable Ice Cream Machine!” The doctor says.
“Oh, he must be some kind of scientist also,” I think to myself.
The ice cream machine is four meters high, four meters wide with a huge big ball on top of it. The entire machine is painted white, like two scoops of vanilla flavored ice cream.
“It does look like ice cream!” I whisper to him like there is someone else in the room.
“You think it only makes vanilla flavor ice cream, right? Well, I’ll tell you it makes all kinds of ice cream such as pumpkin flavor, chocolate flavor, strawberry flavor and many more flavors of ice cream,” He explains.
“I never thought it only made vanilla ice cream” I say to myself.
“Do you want some ice cream?” He asks
“ I don’t know if this ice cream has to do anything to my inflammation, but “Yes please!” I say. This time he really knows what I am thinking.
“Oh, you are here because of the inflammation thing, just eat the ice cream and wait for 15 minutes,” he says.
“Okay,” I say with a little surprise in my voice.
“Just sit down on that chair and wait for some ice cream coming down from inside the cube next to it,” he explains.
I sit down on the white chair as Dr. Peter pushes a small red button on the huge machine. The machine ‘vrooms’ and then a small little ball of ice cream rolls down from the tube and stops in front of me. The ice cream is chocolate flavored. I grab a spoon next to me and scoop some ice cream and put it in my mouth. It tastes just like normal ice cream but it doesn’t melt.
5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. The ice cream in my mouth just stays the same. I spit out the chocolate ice cream into the trash can.
“Check the the spot where the inflammation is,” Dr. Peter says.
“Sure,” I answer.
The spot where the inflammation is no more! “It has been healed! Wow, that’s why you are the most famous doctor in the world,” I think to myself.
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