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Story listed as: Fiction For Children | Theme: Adventure | Subject: Adventure | Published here : 11/21/2016
Thanksgiving Feast is me 
By Kylie Rowe
Born 2004, F, from Alabama, United States
The child lay in bed being a sleepyhead her mother calls her again for the third time.The child does not know it but there is a rule, The Thanksgiving rule. What is that you may ask ? Why it is the most important rule in Thanksgiving history! It is where if you do not wake up before the first turkey’s gobble then you will become a turkey! The child sits up in her bed then falls back and to sleepy town she goes.Then in the distance the first gobble is heard ,the child still dreaming get’s shaken by the mother.The mother screams wake up the child replies in her sleep ok. The mother leaves and the child still asleep. After twenty to thirty minutes later the child wakes up goes and tries to pick up the brush her hair and sees feathers she screams and her mother asks is everything alright and the child says um yes everything is fine.She looks in the mirror and sees a turkey she then says mo-gobble, gobble, gobble, The child then hears the turkey call and starts to try and get up on her chair and look up how can a human possibly turn into a turkey then she finds the website thanksgiving legends and finds out why she is a turkey.

The child sneaks outside and goes out on a journey to get her back to human form. She finds that there is six ingredients a poison ivy leaf ,a golden apple ,a rotten plum ,a ripe quince ,a piece of maple tree ,and a piece of molded cheese. She finds those things and put them together then the potion calls for you to…… DRINK IT ! SO she drinks it and actually taste good the molded cheese is like regular compared to the poison ivy. She then begins to wonder what if it does not work what if I am shot and eaten for a Thanksgiving turkey.
She does not seem to notice that there is a family of turkeys around her that ask how did you do that then she ask how did I do what? Then she realizes she seems different that she feels taller and she sees human arms and then she asks are y'all also victims of the Thanksgiving curse they say yes she shares the potion and realizes it is her dog Murphy , Her aunt Jolie,and some other relatives that had real funerals. They had a big thanksgiving dinner and the child realized she can forever talk to turkeys.

This is my story of the Thanksgiving curse how else did you think there are so many turkeys.Beware kids and happy Thanksgiving. Oh and shhhhh it is a secret.
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