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Story listed as: Fiction For Children | Theme: Adventure | Subject: Adventure | Published here : 11/28/2016
Turkey Nightmare 
By Jayleen
Born 2004, F, from Roanoke, United States
Turkey Nightmare
Turkey Nightmare……...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I just woke up and I looked into the mirror and I thought I was just sick. What am I going to do? My family are going to be mad. How did this happen? Ok I need to calm down, now retrace your steps.

I was at my friend’s house, then I saw this woman that gave me a turkey, but I gave it back. She must have put a curse on me. I need to go see her right now, but how am I going to do that without my parents noticing. I went to my closet and opened it. I saw my sweater, gloves, hat, and boots. I thought to myself, I could cover myself up so they don’t see me.

I went down the stairs to go outside and look for the woman. My mom said “What are you doing?” I said “Uh, I am going outside to play with….my friends” “Ok, but be careful” “I will mom later” “Bye honey”.
I went straight out the door. I saw this shack and a tall, black haired, and young women behind the curtain. I went up to her and asked her “Uh, may I have a word with you” the lady opened the curtain and saw me, but she ran to the back.

I ran after her and saw her I asked “What happened to me?” the lady didn’t answer so I said “ANSWER ME NOW!!!!!” the lady said “I was mad at you and so I put a curse on you.” “How do I get rid of the curse?” “You must find the talking turkey.” “Are you kidding me, where can I find the talking turkey?” “At the caverns.”

I left running for the caverns. I was walking until a hunter saw me.
He tried to shoot me, but I screamed “Ahhhhhhhh!” then he screamed “AHHHHH!” we both screamed for awhile. The next thing I know I was woken up in a turkey pen. I saw so many turkey’s I couldn’t tell which one is talking. A turkey came up to me and said “Hi” I knew it was the talking turkey. Quickly I took the turkey with my beak and i ran with him to my house.

I ran to my room and put him in a cage. I asked “Are you talking turkey?” the turkey said, “Uh...Ye...Yes” “Why aren't I turning human?” Oh, she must have left out something.” “What did she leave out?” “You have to eat me.” “WHAT! I can’t do that.” “Why not I am just a stupid turkey.” “No you are not, you are my friend.” I started to cry and hug him. I was hugging him until I could feel the turkey fade away right in my hands. I said, “What is happening?” The turkey said “I am going away.” “Please don’t.“ “I am sorry.” “Goodbye.” Suddenly I heard an alarm clock.

I scream “AHHHHHHH!” my mom bursted into my room saying “What is wrong sweetie?” “Oh, Nothing mom, I just think I had a dream” “Oh, ok sweetie.” My mom left my room and I thought to myself, What, I am not a turkey, was all this..a..dream.” I lifted from my bed and looked at the mirror. I saw myself normally, but I do think why I had that dream though.

Today is the day after thanksgiving and I think I just ate too much turkey. I looked outside my window and saw a turkey. The turkey winked at me and I knew right that second it was not a dream. I will miss that turkey, but my dream made me starve. I went downstairs and grabbed some ice cream.

I sat down and I saw a turkey. I said to myself, "How can this be, I thought you went away?” the turkey said, “I came to warn you about the witch.” “What witch?” “The Thanksgiving Witch.” “What is wrong with her?” “She takes all the turkey’s and cooks them.” “Oh, ok I will keep you here till the month is over.” “Thank you so much.”

The next day Steven heard the doorbell. Steven opened the door and saw the witch. She took him on her broom while he was screaming out for the turkey. The turkey came outside and saw the witch taking Steven on her broom. The turkey ran after her and said “Don’t take the boy, take me.” The witch said “Ok”. she went up to the turkey and grabbed him, but when she did the turkey said a spell to turn the witch into a wonderful princess. The witch said “What happened to me? I..I am a princess” the turkey said “I turned you into a princess, but in return you have to leave this family alone and never return.” “Ok I promise, thanks so much.” then the witch left. The turkey and the boy hugged. A month later the turkey became his new pet.

The End
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