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Story listed as: Fiction For Adults | Theme: Fantasy / Fairy Tale | Subject: Miracles / Wonders | Published here : 12/14/2016
The Man who leaked Christmas. 
By Kevin Hughes
Born 1951, M, from Wilmington NC, United States
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The Man who leaked Christmas.
He never knew exactly when he discovered the “Power.” Years and years went by before he even noticed that people were kinder around him, gentler, more forgiving and tolerant.
Even as a child he seemed to calm down the Bullies in the playground, or make sad kids feel a bit better, at least better enough to move on, let go, and have fun again. It wasn’t until he met another of his kind, that he knew that the Power had a name: Christmas.

He was, as usual during the Christmas Season, strolling through Malls, Department Stores, and Churches. Anywhere where throngs of people gathered, he would just stroll among them. In his wake he would leave a kind thought here, or a good deed there, or a courtesy, thank-you, or your welcome. Remember when you were a kid, and you would put food coloring in water, or ink in water, and watch as it slowly mingled through the water? Eventually the water would turn green, or red, or purple, or black, depending on which color you used your eye dropper to suspend in the water.

His emotions, feelings, and thoughts were kind of like that. They would leak from him into the surrounding crowds, then hang suspended in little swirls of Christmas Cheer, or soft thoughts. He leaked Christmas feelings out into the milk of human kindness, coloring them with care, empathy, and charity. He used the Power sparingly, so that it would last the whole season. Often he would return home drained of all good thoughts, emotions and feelings. Leaving him a mere husk, a shell, an empty container. No negatives thoughts rushed in to replace the empty parts of his heart and soul. Rather he would just fill back up with Christmas Cheer, and replenish the power to dispense charm, grace, and simple good works to the world. He never questioned the Power. He never took it for granted. He just used it to the best of his ability to make the Earth and its people, just a little bit better in every way.

He met her at a Mall. At first, he couldn’t understand what was going on. He was attracted towards a certain section of the Mall. It seemed that waves of good feelings were emanating from near the Santa Display. Ripples of kindness would wash up against his own ripples spreading out, making some people overjoyed, generous, and downright giddy with the Season. He noticed the attraction, and the interaction, before he noticed the “pull.” He was being drawn inexorably towards that vortex of kind thoughts, generous gifts, and positive outlook. Like two magnets having the same pole facing each other…he could feel the presence of another person with the Power. He knew, whomever it was, they were gently but irrevocably being drawn towards him too.

He noticed more outright sharing of Christmas Greeting around him. Broader smiles, deeper twinkles in folks eyes, more helpful hands guiding overburdened shoppers with their presents, or suggesting bargains to those in need. Laughter, glee, and joy sparkled in tiny jolts as the two waves of Power leaked into the same small area of the mall. It was then that he saw her. She glowed. Leaking from her was a Golden aura that would diffuse like a mist of colored light to split into all the colors of the rainbow, as it faded from normal sight and was absorbed by the beings around her. He was completely unaware that he too, had that same aura, and that, like hers, it leaked out into the crowd until it turned into small wisps of pleasant words, or happy thoughts, occasionally even pooling into contentment.

She waved when she saw him. The smile on her face told him all he needed to know. She knew he had the Power. He knew she had the Power. If there was such a thing as destiny or fate, both had determined they should meet. They were in no hurry as they closed the gap between them. As they grew closer, he knew the smile and twinkle in her eyes, and on her face, matched his. When the edges of their combined power melded into each other, people near them spontaneously broke out caroling. Nobody knew why, they just burst out in song, belting out the words to almost forgotten childhood songs. The words came out with that same childhood combination of newness, and eagerness, wondering if it would be a White Christmas, and what treats, surprises, and presents lay ahead.

Couples thought even happier thoughts about each other. Parents beamed at their suddenly well behaved children. People in lines became pleasant, and made small talk, and shared memories of cookies, hot chocolate, and deep snows. It seemed natural, normal, nice. It was all do to the overlap of the the two people with the Power, leaking Christmas cheer so close to each other. When their hands met, well, Mistletoe appeared almost out of nowhere, causing many a surprised giggle, and more than a few lingering kisses among the younger set.

“I like you.” Was all she said, as she held his hand.

“I like you too.” Was all he said as he slid his hand into hers.

They turned as one, gently strolling through the mall, leaking Christmas in every direction, you could hear many people exclaim, as they passed by:

“This is the best Christmas Ever.”

by Kevin Hughes.
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