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Story listed as: Fiction For Adults | Theme: Adventure | Subject: Sports / Recreation | Published here : 12/16/2016
Gone Fishing 
By Randy Enns
Born 1957, M, from Campbell River, BC, Canada
Gone Fishing
It was a beautiful day and Christine was bored. She looked across the street and saw her friend Jimmy packing up for something. She quietly approached hoping to see what he was up to before he noticed she was there.

As she crept silently closer like a butterfly flitting from one place to another, she noticed a backpack, a fishing rod, a lunch, and a can of something. So, she began to whistle and skip as she got close enough for Jimmy to hear her and she said "what ya doing Jimmy?" Who then replied… ”Going Fishing!” Christine thought about this for a second and then without hesitation said “can I come?” Well, Jimmy knew she was a dress wearing hopscotch playing...but kind of cute girl, so he said “you sure you want to go?” Christine, startled at him even thinking about bringing her, said, ”oh yes please I want to learn how to fish,” which was almost true.

Jimmy said, "go get some food and I will borrow my dad’s rod for you and let’s go in 15 minutes."

Christine rushed off to ask her mom if she could go and was concerned about the answer. “Where is this fishing hole at Christine?” Her mother said, “Oh mother it's just over the bridge on the other side near Johnson’s road. There is a nice spot that is really safe for fishing there.” Christine had just made up a lie as she forgot to ask Jimmy where they were going.
Christine’s mother said, “ok to go but be back by dinner time, your father likes everyone at the table.” “Ok mother thank-you thank-you thank-you,” Christine said, and then raced off to put some jeans on and grab a coat and some food.

Jimmy was surprised at the sight of Christine running over to his place with a back pack that seemed to have a lot in it…he checked his watch (13 minutes), not bad, he thought.
So off they went.

After about 25 minutes they got to a little creek just off the main highway that really was no where near the place Christine described to her mom. The creek was hidden behind  a row of trees so you couldn’t see it from the highway and Christine thought this was best. Jimmy handed her a rod and said “its just a bobber and a hook so grab the can of worms and put one on and I will show you where to cast it.”

Worms? Touching worms?? Do they bleed? Does it hurt them? All these thoughts raced through her mind as she stood as frozen as an Icicle hanging off the corner of the barn. “Uh Jimmy could you put my worm on for me while I get some stuff out of my backpack” was the only thing she could think of.

With a sigh Jimmy put a worm on and Christine watched closely from the corner of her eye knowing she would have do this eventually,  it didn’t look hard, a little gooey maybe, but not hard. “Jimmy? I am still looking for something, can you flick it out there for me?” Flick, was that a term? Did she sound silly? Jimmy said sure and with a fluid motion like a well oiled machine, Jimmy cast the line and bobber to a beautiful little back-eddy in the creek and said, “there you go, now watch for the bobber to move," “boink boink” was how he described it and hit it!! Okay, Christine thought, sounds pretty easy, hit it with what, she thought?? Hmmm.

Jimmy cast his bobber in another section and looked like a professional fisherman as he did so. Now, Christine was thinking do I get the answer to that hit thing from Jimmy without sounding like a loser.. Then it happened…Jimmy jumped up and grabbed his rod that was resting in a little branch he had stuck in the sand with a V in it..he picked up the rod with easy fluid movements and pulled back on it and said “the hook is set”.  okay, Christine thought,  hit equals – hook set... that worked out nicely, thank-you very much.

Jimmy screamed “grab your line, he is heading towards your bobber and we don’t want him tangled up or I will lose him.” Christine jumped up and grabbed her rod not quite like Jimmy did and set the hook (why she did that she will never know)  which then snapped Jimmy’s line as the tangle had just previously occurred below the surface. SNAP... Christine was sure everybody on earth had heard that sound and believed she would never ever forget it nor would he.

Jimmy looked like a boy who had just received the exact opposite of what he had wished all year for Christmas. His head was hanging so low when he looked up to Christine and said, “I think that was “tin man”. I have seen him in here twice before but never had the luck of catching him. I called him “tin man” because he is as silver as the tin man on the Wizard of Oz”.

Christine felt like shriveling up and blowing away in the wind, like dust, except today was perfect and there was not even a breeze.
Christine started crying, she didn’t really know why other than it was all she could think of to do, so when Jimmy came over and said, “it's OK Christine, it wasn’t your fault, it was just horrible luck,” Christine felt better about this...a bit anyways, and then something weird happened, her hand started wiggling and being pulled toward the creek. just as she felt this Jimmy said "Christine, your rod, it has something"… she handed it to Jimmy who then said the most terrifying words she had ever heard “ do it, it's on your line.”  “I can't Jimmy” Christine managed to say. To which Jimmy said “reel, he is getting slack and the hook will fall out, you have to keep it tight.” So, Christine reeled in some slack and then they saw it. the fish jumped and about 5 feet up the line were 2 bobbers all tangled up and the "tin man" flexing back and forth in mid air like some circus performer. That sight was the most beautiful thing Christine had ever seen and after what seemed like an eternity the mighty fish hit the water with a splash so big it created a rainbow. After seeing it was “tin man” Christine said, “Jimmy I think it's your hook in its mouth and my line is tangled in your bobber, you should bring it in. "Ok I will stand behind you and help, we will do it together” Jimmy said. “OK just hurry” Christine yelled.

Jimmy went behind her and put his arms around her waist and grabbed the rod. He said “ok, now reel and keep the line tight remember” Christine could not believe what was happening and almost forgot about the fish...but just for a split second then she refocused and did as Jimmy said.

After a battle that seemed as if day and night had changed places but was in fact only a few minutes long, the tired fish was laying on the beach. Jimmy unwrapped himself from Christine and bent down to get the hook out. as he did this he looked up and said, “we should let it go.” Christine was so happy that Jimmy had found in himself the ability to let go a prize he had chased for ever and responded, “if you think we should,” with hands as gentle as a nurse handling a newborn, Jimmy slid the mighty fish back into the creek and as he swam away Christine swore the fish turned and looked back at both of them on the creek bank with a thankful look.
On the way home Jimmy said, "I have never seen anything so lucky as my bobber tangling with yours and then the fish still on the other line AND we caught him. You were awesome Christine...just awesome” he then let his hand touch hers and held on for the entire walk home…
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