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Story listed as: Fiction For Adults | Theme: Fantasy / Fairy Tale | Subject: Aliens & UFO's | Published here : 12/17/2016
An Alien explains Christmas. 
By Kevin Hughes
Born 1951, M, from Wilmington NC, United States
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An Alien explains Christmas.
The world was stunned. Aliens had revealed the History and Evolution of Christmas.

Well not all Aliens, just the one assigned to Earth. She told us how Christmas came to be, and comes to be on any planet with LIFE.

Here -in a very short condensed form, is what she revealed to us:

First: It turns out that what we consider “Life”, is the Larval stage.Yep. Who knew? Not us, that is for sure.
Well, we did know, but only as Adults.

That was the Second Surprise.

Second: All Aliens are Adult Humans. Yep. Who knew? Not us, that is for sure.
Well, we do know, but only as Adults.

Third, there is no AI. All Intelligence is real. It is just that without the Larval Stage, Intelligence has no emotion, no feelings, no love, and no character. Life without the beginning Larval Stage is just Logic. Bereft of Imagination, Joy, and Discovery. A fact remains just that- a fact. The fact does not bring with it the joy of discovering it, or the wonder at its existence, or the ability to share either with another being. Logic cannot imagine, so it does not. Only in the Larval Stage, can we develop imagination, curiosity, and the curious.

Life exists on many planets. How that Life develops is shaped by the physical environment around it. So not all Humans, look, well, Human. If they are planet bound though, they are still in the Larval Stage. Even the few beings that started as pure energy - like in the Environment of a Super Computer - where programs can Learn, Grow, and Evolve into a parody of Life Forms- must , in order to become Human, and progress to Adult form, must choose a biological form for some period of time. Otherwise, you lack the Adult attributes of imagination, feelings, and emotions. You remain a physical object with only objective physical parameters. Locked in Logic the Adults call it. We would call it “Soul less”.

Then the biggest Surprise of All: Christmas is the first sign of beginning to move up to Adult Stages. Yep. Who knew? Not us, that is for sure. Well we do know, kind of like children know that something is hot, but not what Thermal Dynamics mean, or even temperature. They only know the basics: Hot, not Hot. And then they learn Cold. And: not Cold. Then they figure out Warm. From there, well, freezing cold, boiling hot, and room temperature start to mingle in a mind, until more is needed to know about what exactly is the difference between hot and cold, and why? Thermodynamics is “invented” just like Christmas, through the use of imagination and curiosity. And those two properties are restricted to LIFE.

All LIFE forms develop Christmas. It is the Stage of development that allows them to finish the necessity of having a physical body. Propelling them into the next Stage. In the next Stage of development, bodies are not necessary, but energy beings are the norm. It isn’t until they leave the Stage of pure energy being, and choose a body again, that they(we) become fully Human. Those bodies can assume many shapes, or forms, but they are (we are told) all Human. So the Aliens we picture in our imagination are really us as we imagine ourselves to be. (I know, the Adult Humans sure don’t look Human- but they are.)

NOTE: As we shall learn later in this synopsis. Life is given a soul. That soul can be lost, fade, or even be reabsorbed as energy without a body to sustain it. You can lose it as a Larva, or in the next stage too. Adults are never without a Soul. Funnily enough, you lose your “soul” in the Larval stage by being to small. You lose it in the next stage by being to big. LIFE had contradictions at every stage.

So why Christmas?

It turns out, children tend to be petty selfish, self centered, and cruel. They need stories and symbols to help grow their imagination to the point where altruism, kindness, charity and forgiveness. All traits that are present in Adult Humans who have completed the circuit, all the stages of development: nothing, body, energy, body, everything. We become fully Human because we get a body in the Larval Stage, use it to learn, discard it to experience energy, and then choose a body again of our own design in order to merge the fully Logical existence of particle/energy with the fully emotional/Imaginative existence of a thoughtful body.

Christmas if fundamental to that progression. Both kinds of Christmas. The Secular Christmas, where you learn to give, share , be kind, and generous, and grateful for no other reason than your fellow man (larval stage) deserves to be treated that way. The Spiritual Christmas, which teaches you that to become more than yourself, you must learn to forgive, to cherish, to understand that you can become more than you are. Both Christmas’s teach you that you can begin again. That you are all part of a bigger whole. That there is Hope. Peace. Love. Compassion. Forgiveness.

It is easy for both kinds of Christmas to live side by side. Because they are symbols of the same thing- a chance to be a better person. Oh sure, some believe in one over the other, or neither. But the ideas behind the season stay with us, the best that humans can be, can be. Even if only once a year. A reminder to the Larval Stage, that choices have consequences, and choosing can be chosen again. We can stop, renew, and change, at will. When we realize that, are Larval Stage ends, Christmas has done its job. We share as many as we want, and then move along.

It turns out that Souls are forged during this Larval Stage too. While in the Larval Stage, and again as an Adult, the Soul is bound to the body, in the middle stages, it is not. Without a body, the Soul can face obliteration from simple Entropy. That is why each Larva, no matter what planet it developed on, has a soul ( a very limited and bare boned form of soul- one limited to “me” form of soul). When you become fully adult, your soul has learned to remain whole without the need or necessity for a body, and that is when you assume your final Adult form. A soul in a body of its own creation. We become Adult Humans.

What we think of as Alien, is only alien to us with our limited experience, knowledge and imagination. As we progress we see why symbols like Christmas are left to guide us on our journey. Knowing we can be better, bigger, more loving people, allows us to try. Christmas is all about that trying to be bigger, better, kinder, more loving, generous, grateful, thankful, and understanding.

So Merry Christmas Larva. May your journey to Adult hood be filled with joy, imagination, and sharing. Let love rule your thoughts.
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