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Story listed as: Fiction For Teens | Theme: Adventure | Subject: Dark / Twisted / Nightmarish | Published here : 12/22/2016
The Light in the Storm 
By Nam Tran
Born 2004, M, from Houston, TX, United States
Worship, eat, farm, rest, eat, sleep. That’s how I live. That’s how I live every day. Nothing interesting happens. Every day is the same. I couldn’t enjoy the king’s parties, I don’t have the money to even create a party. While I walked back from work, the temperature dropped, and the world around me brightened. I turned my head to the left and saw a tall, stepped structure.
The ziggurat.
A spoiled king’s home. I know my hands will never touch that place. My money won’t cope with the fees to enter into the ziggurat. Spoiled kids only get to enter that beauty.
I look ahead and see the only thing I have: my trashy home.

Too tired to walk, I sat on the nearest dune. It is now time to rest. Now time to think.
Kron Gesrot, my wife, was the one who made our bread this afternoon, the only one in the home who knows how to make bread. My only child is just 13 years old, and boy, he eats like the gods! He is costing us a lot of clay coins, and I want him to be out of my life. I call him Devil.
My family lives outside of the city’s walls, where we are forgotten and highly vulnerable to raids. This is where most of the slaves live, but I am a peasant who is unlucky enough to be living with the slaves. I am probably the richest man outside the walls compared to the slaves, who treat me as their king. But they’re not as loyal as the king’s people should be. They are more like good neighbors. I get a homemade, clay gift every time the sun runs across the sky 50 times. The last gift they gave me was a clay cup. I don’t repay them. But they still give me gifts. Yesterday, they told me that I was their king and savior. They also said that an oracle prophesied that I will rule over all the lands and save the world. Like anyone is going to believe that.

I wonder why I am in this place that has yellow powder. The only thing I see that is not yellow is the blue serpent that slithers through the sea of yellow powder. You could swim in the serpent too, but I don’t recommend it. The serpent will diminish over a period of time until the rains come back. It seems that the serpent needs the rains to survive. Maybe it is from the rains. Whatever the serpent is, it is what makes me live.
“Food's ready!” Kron exclaimed while I was resting outside.
I ran past a yellow powder dune a few feet from the kitchen, and from the back of my eye, I saw my son holding a handful of yellow powder. In a split second, I felt the powder slam on my face, getting into my eyes.
“GOD D-!” I yelled.
“Honey! Are you there?”
I rubbed my eyes to get all the powder out.
“HA-HA-HA!” my ugly, little Devil laughed.
I quickly thought of a punishment for that kid.
“No food for you!” I yelled in anger.
“Ahhh,” Devil said unhappily.
I started walking back to the house, where I would smell the sweet aroma of the bread. It was hard to see in the windowless, dark house. It would take a while for my eyes to adjust to the conditions inside the house. I sat on the uncomfortable muddy floors and started eating. The bread was a plain taste and not very exciting because this was the only thing I ate ever since I was born. The family was always quiet when we ate. Eating was one of the most boring times of the day.

After a normal dinner, in a normal life, my arms are finally getting heavy. My eyes are hard to lift. I drop to the ground and close my eyes. The yellow powder cushioned me. The powder moves every time I move. This was my favorite part of the day.
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