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Story listed as: Fiction For Teens | Theme: General Interest | Subject: Comedy / Humor | Published here : 12/27/2016
School Trolls | Pop Quiz 
By Abby Callan
Born 1997, F, from Hogsmeade, Other Not Shown
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School Trolls | Pop Quiz
“Now, imagine a guy called Gustavo. He’s mammoth like a mammoth, and bulky like an antiquated computer. He’s incredibly hot-tempered, but he’s got a soft spot for tears.”

Tobby shakes his head, “That doesn’t make sense at all. Temperamental but soft-hearted.”

“Course it doesn’t,” Ben rolls his eyes, “it isn’t supposed to. This is a pop quiz, remember?”

“So pop quizzes aren’t supposed to make sense?” Tobby frowns through his thick glasses.

“Not to me anyway,” Ben waves, “So now, you and your best mate are playing football on the field, and the ball somehow hit Gustavo’s fleshy butt-”

“That’s a disgusting description. Fleshy butt,” says Tobby.

“So it hit his butt, and the next thing you know, Gustavo’s zeroing in on you with that wild fire in his eyes and steam pumping out from his ears. Your friend makes a start to flee, but then he accidentally twists his ankle while-”

“Common theatricality, I see. No surprise.”

Ben pulls at his friend’s ear, “Don’t interrupt,” Ben continues, “And so, your friend now got a twisted ankle and well, he keels over before he starts grunting out like a cow giving birth. Now the question is, what you gonna do?”

“Let me get this straight. So Gustavo, he’s approaching to kill us, while my friend can’t make an escape?”

Ben holds up a finger, “And, he’s got a soft spot for TEARS. Gustavo, I mean.”

Tobby taps his chin, “I’ll fake crocodile tears.”

“Nopety-nopety nope.”

“Run away without that friend of mine, then.”

“That’s cruel,” Ben points out.

“Like you’re not. What’s the answer?”

“You step hard on your friend’s twisted ankle!” Ben throws up his hands, “I thought that was obvious enough! And if your friend still hadn’t break out in tears, you stomp right on his ankle.”

Tobby’s knitted forehead slacks evidently, “Wow?”

“Genius me, right?”

“You’re a troll.”


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