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Story listed as: True Life For Teens | Theme: Love / Romance | Subject: Childhood / Youth | Published here : 12/29/2016
When he didn't see me! 
By Sophia
F, from Ccs, Venezuela
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When he didn't see me!
When I saw you for the first time, I noticed you were in love with her. I had discarded the idea to be close to you at any time. You two looked so gorgeous that even in my dreams was very difficult to imagine you separated.

At physics lab I thought 'they're just partners in class' but even the professor could notice immediately your chemistry. He asked you if she was a "difficult girl" and you said "no".

I confirmed at that exact moment my hypothesis that you were together. OK! FINE! All handsome boys are already in love.

Then, I had to see you at thermodynamics class. What a nuisence. 'Why do I have to suffer like this?' I thought.
But, again, you two were your own world, without even noticing people around you.

Now, she has someone else and you don't.
Why are you now looking in my direction? Had you noticed me before or are you only noticing me now that you don't have your dream girl?
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