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Story listed as: True Life For Adults | Theme: Inspirational | Subject: Politics / Opinions / Advice | Published here : 12/29/2016
Will Brady Be Great? 
Born 1980, F, from Sioux Falls south dakota, United States
Will Brady Be Great?
@BradyKenyon is an account I see regularly come through my twitter feed. I followed him from the beginning, back in November when he had only 300 followers. I discovered Brady's account while scrolling through Bill Mitchell's page. After seeing Bill retweet Brady a couple times I was curious who this "Brady Kenyon" person was and why a guy with only 300 followers was continually get retweeted by Bill who has over 160k followers. Ever since that day, I've continued to check Brady's account daily. His account has grown rapidly and allowed us conservatives to ask the question "will Brady truly be great". I reached out to him to learn more about him and what his goals were. He was very open about the fact that he wanted a future career in politics. I along with many other followers of Brady's twitter account have developed an addiction you could call it to his page. His ideas are fresh, raw, and his judgment is not clouded. As GopChair for a small city outside of Sioux Falls South Dakota, it was extremely exciting to see a young man of only 19 years old, also a college athlete, so close geographically to me, take twitter by storm and put together a small political coalition in a month. I've been happy to show Brady's twitter feed to fellow GOP council members in an attempt to help him grow his base. During our brief phone interview on the evening of December 28th, Brady was happy to inform me and my fellow GOP council members, that he had officially created his own blog. He described choosing the name for the blog "All the Right Answers" as a somewhat funny political joke because he's on the right politically. Brady's currently a Political Science major at the University of Arkansas-Forth Smith. Brady's status as a college athlete can only help add to the popularity his account continues to receive. For me and my fellow constituents, the next month or so will be extremely important to us as we watch Brady's account and hope he stays true to his conservative beliefs.
For more information regarding my interview with Brady you can shoot me an email @
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