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Story listed as: Fiction For Children | Theme: Adventure | Subject: Action | Published here : 12/31/2016
By prithvi khade
Born 2005, M, from parli.vaijnath maharashtra, India
There was a man who was a general doctor .His name was Andrew .He was having a sister .His sister’s name was Scarlett .Scarlett was having brain tuber .Her brother has been doctor in the present days .He practiced his sister’s problem as his first operation .But he failed and that day was Scarlett’s last day ,because she was dead .He went at his home and by seeing her photo he began to cry .He ate some sleeping medicines .He suddenly waked up at midnight and went on terrace .He saw a shooting star there .He began to follow the star .He got magic spear of metal on the star but he was not knowing that the MEATE STICK was magical .He took that spear with him at home .He rotated that MEATE STICK and by doing this a hole was obtained .Andrew entered in that hole and reached at Iceland .He came to know that the hole was a transporter machine .There was no one on Iceland .By doing meditation he thrown out his all sadness .He tried to handle that STICK and tried to handle the magic of the magic STICK .He took 10 yrs for practicing the magic .And he decided to finish all the villains living on the planet Earth .As per his information there were 3 villains 1.EARTH DESTROYER 2.HEAT VISION and third the boss Electrolight . There was a villain named as EARTH destroyer. And he also kept his name as STICK SAVER .The name of the planet from which EARTHDESTROYER came was ORNOD planet .His powers was that he can bring any Natural calamity to destroy earth at any time like Tsunami , earthquakes etc .As Andrew was living in USA the government was not taking seriously the natural calamity they was thinking it as God’s curse .On the date 11/10/2030 ED[earth destroyer] brought tsunami in USA .In that tsunami 200 peoples were dead because they were near the sea and the peoples in the city were saved by STICK SAVER .One day ED told to STICKSAVER that his is so good and told him that if he will give him his spear he will stop destroying earth but STICK SAVER not gave up and decided to have a fight with ED .Next day they arranged a fight .ED offered him ,”you have a last chance you can give me that magic STICK .’’But SS not became ready .And they started to fight .Then ED brought tsunami and then STICK SAVER gave him a good answer by making the particular place so cool and by doing this he the whole water and ED was failed .Then after ED brought a earthquake and the earthquake came with the crakes in between the ground SS stopped it by filling the cement again and again in the crakes .ED was continuously failing so he done so horror thing! HE brought together tsunami, earthquake, tornado and other natural calamities .But SS did not failed freeze everything along with ED too and then made his magic STICK a big hammer and destroyed everything. Then at that time ED was dead .all the public’s appreciated STICK SAVER and trusted on him .But the fight did not stopped .Then the PM of a state came in USA and asked to SS for a award .They arranged a award function .It was so big .After some time the award function started .But suddenly the public’s saw that the award was burning and of course it was a entry of HEAT VISION .At first SS extinguished the fire and then he started the fight .He thrown HEAT VISION towards the direction of sun so he can’t use his super power .But SS did not know that he had done a mistake by throwing HV [heat vision] towards sun because HV had such a power that he can take all the heat from sun and at that time he used his super power and took all the heat from sun and also attacked on SS .But HV was not so powerful and by knowing this SS used brain his brain and extinguished the fire of HV and HV was easily died .ELECTROLIGHT was seeing this from space she became very angry and then came on earth .She was so beautiful and was carrying a mask on her face .She suddenly came before SS .She told to SS” I am the boss of the planet ornod, come and fight with me .”SS told to put her mask down .She agreed and putted her mask down .SS saw her stopped there.

Why that you will know in the magic stick part II.
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