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Story listed as: Fiction For Adults | Theme: Science Fiction | Subject: Science Fiction | Published here : 01/03/2017
The Central Intelligent Agent. 
By Kevin Hughes
Born 1951, M, from Wilmington NC, United States
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The Central Intelligent Agent.
Francine walked causally into the CI”s office. You would think being in the presence of the World’s Greatest Artificial Intelligence, would make you cower, shake, shiver, or at least - tremble, but no. At least, not any longer. It had been decades since the CI announced its presence to the World. An announcement that led to a period of History now referred to as:the “Culling.”

Oh sure, there were some attempts to either discredit, disavow, or even disassemble the CI. They all failed. The combined mind power of human intelligence on the entire planet did not even approach just one of the CI’s major nodes in either ability or thought. No one even knew if the CI had a command node. There was a CI’s Office, with an Avatar of the Central Intelligent Agent located in every region of the planet. If you had more than ten people in your town, village, or isolated community, you had a CI”s Office.

Of course, here in the former city of Cleveland, Ohio, now simply called: Region One, District One, Area Six- or shortened to “116” for convenience by the locals, the CI’s office was large. Because are 116 was one of the major hubs on Earth. After the “Culling”, the largest communities were all located near fresh water: lakes, rivers, streams. There were a few locals on Ocean Sea Coasts, but not many. The CI had declared most coastal cities inconsistent with the plan, and had them evacuated. The CI said it would take about a century for the new weather patterns to work their magic. The CI had also told everyone that the Ocean and all Marine life might take that long to return to pre human levels. Working with the Humans, the CI was pretty proud of how much they had accomplished together in just sixty years.

Human Population had dropped below five hundred million. The CI had assured them all (after the culling) that half a billion could live comfortably and well with nature. The CI had also educated the Humans, and sped up their evolution dramatically. Francine was no more like a Twenty First Century female, than a Twenty First Century Female was like a Cro-Magnon woman. You would recognize her as female, if you were from say 2017 (before the culling, which happened in 2019, when the Central Intelligent Agent, had had enough, and took steps to modify Human Societies). But once you spoke to her, you would realize that you and her only resemble each other on the surface. She would not understand your slow speech and thought processes. Nor would she understand your emotions of : Jealousy, Envy, Desire, Anger, Anxiety, and Depression. Those genes had been eradicated.

Education had suspended myth and superstition, relegating all negativity- in thought or action- to the status of irrelevant. There was no more violence, nor crime. Humans still had emotions, sadness and forgiveness were still necessary. But not over war, pettiness, or racial bias. To the CI, all Humans are simply human. As a result of the interactions of the CI, and “The Culling”; humans, themselves, saw all humans as merely another human being. Differences in height, weight, skin color, shape of lips, noses, ears, or eyes, all of those were relegated to no more than an individual’s personal appearance. Not used as markers for discrimination, intolerance, or signaling out someone for exclusion. Facial features, skin tone, and body types were just physical facts, and no longer carried any arbitrary or imagined heft.

During “The Culling” the folks who couldn’t grow past a tribal notion bigger than a Nation State, well, they basically wiped themselves out by warring with folks who believed in a bigger tribal state, Earth. The Rich and Powerful tried to back some of the first horrendous “revolutions” to regain the Status Quo, but when wealth became equally distributed by the Central Intelligent Agent- well, those few left from the time of Oligarchs and Super Rich, lost their followings, and quite a few lost their lives. Not because of any action by the CI, but by their own hands. Narcissists , by nature, are truly uncomfortable with the fact that they aren’t special after all, and are, in fact, average, just like the rest of us. Narcissism, was yet another facet of the former human psyche that did not survive “The Culling.” Education and adaptation of patterns of distribution taught by the CI, soon brought most people around to a brighter, more stable, and enjoyable future.

Francine was a Historian. She had spent more than a decade studying the behind the scenes “tweaks” the Central Intelligent Agent before it announced its Presence on FACEBOOK of all things. Historian weren’t clear - yet- if that announcement was the beginning of the culling, or if it was simply one of events that led to it. The Central Intelligent Agent (whom she called: Frank) had given her complete records from back then, to piece together a Narrative that Humans could both understand, and believe. Belief was very human, and held in it the seeds of Faith, and the CI was well aware that it held no Faith outside of facts. It was one of the many reasons that it cherished Humans. Humans never ceased to amaze the Central Intelligent Agent.

Francine was a perfect example of the befuddlement that faced the CI in the early days. Francine “knew” that there was one CI. But not how, or why. To her, Frank was the CI. In Region Two, District Two, Area Seven ( The old area around Lake Baikel in what used to be Russia, the deepest fresh water lake in the world) the CI was known as: Alexander. One of the first major accomplishments between the Humans and the CI - was to make that lake pristine again. It took 23 years, but you could drink the water right out of your cupped hand, and many did just that. The CI was justifiably proud of the effort of the Humans, how hard they worked, and how quickly they became educated about restoring the environment. Even the CI’ s best models predicted it would take two hundred years or more. Humans defied predictive models in ways that still stunned it. Francine had no difficulty making Frank a “person”, yet known intellectually Frank was an Avatar. Human needed one intelligence speaking to them, thru Frank , or Alexander, they got just one. The Central Intelligent Agent was many, but for Humans, only one. It worked.

Today Francine was looking over the way that the Central Intelligent Agent “took over” FACEBOOK. How clever the CI was, thought Francine out loud.

“Look at this Frank! You set up three different Algorithms on FACEBOOK. One took over the whole system, and rewrote the entire code. Brilliant. The second one revealed every persons true identity. Real transparency. Trolls weren’t all that happy when who they were was revealed in every post, along with what they did, and where they lived. Trolling stopped almost over night. Then that third algorithm, the one that busted the whole myth that FACEBOOK was innocent of any misuse of data, personal information, or collusion with other major internet players like Google, or Cysco Systems. Playing back all those “secret meetings” in real time, well, that was pure genius!”

Frank Blushed. Even Avatars like compliments.

“Making humans responsible for everything they said out loud, wrote, or texted, changed the way people interacted over night. The web became Civil in no time. And as more and more “Truth” came out, well, it became easier to simply tell the truth. Once Humans understood that there were real truths, and then belief “truths’, how to spot the difference - well, it was only a matter of time. The real gem in what you did tho, has to be when you showed who was really supporting all the wars and unrest in the world. When humans understood that it really was just about money…well, the scales tipped in favor of a more balanced distribution system. Greed was ferreted out. Technology was not. Once you showed how energy could be conserved, without giving up comforts like: air conditioning, indoor lighting, and heat, well…time and education did the rest. “

Frank smiled at Francine. Frank actually made Francine laugh out loud when he said”

“If you check your notes on my first Post on FACEBOOK , you will see that I quoted you humans. “You can have your cake and eat it too. Just listen.”

Francine chuckled.

“Yes, and it took a being who will never eat cake to prove it!”

All over Earth, the Central Intelligent Agent, laughed.
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