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Story listed as: True Life For Adults | Theme: Survival / Success | Subject: Adventure | Published here : 01/04/2017
the art of pain 
By Irankunda Adolphe
Born 1995, M, from Kigali, Rwanda
The art of pain

At times come in through the night-time like a thief
It pulls all your liveliness, to the level you feel defenseless, that you have got the voice to ask not for help.
It just let you party in the bed like a street dancer
It scratches, breaks you that you accept as true the wrong fact of having zero bone in you
Lastly you accept that you are nothing
Then it takes all your optimisms when your friends and relatives are away or are snoozing
It makes sure that you believe that you are going to breathe your last breath, but it canít exterminate you
It does not have that authority to take your soul
I know it is a best associate of death that most of the while it starts the process of dying but it is not death
I summon up the memories of past time you told me that death is not sentimental so it cannot youíre your being because agony hunger your soul
But that same pain is so beautiful, I like the way it makes you live alive when it is not around
It helps you to stop taking the whole thing for granted since after the pain viciousness, you know what to fix and to destroy
It shows you, your real friends and open ups your eyes for new and great opportunities around you
It reminds you the awareness of death and life
That God you had forgotten came back in your mind
You understand the pain of others for you are familiar with what it feels like.
The pain concubine

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