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Story listed as: True Life For Children | Theme: Family / Friends | Subject: Childhood / Youth | Published here : 01/04/2017
A plastic egg with love 
By Harini
Born 1998, F, from Chennai, tamilnadu, India
A plastic egg with love
A little girl and her grandfather were standing at the gate of their house. She had a plastic egg on her hand, and her eyes were filled with tears. It was the time for the little girl Ruby to go back with her parents to the city to start her schoolings.

When ruby was small she was been left with her grandparents. She got the love and care from them that her own parents couldn't provide since they were running out of money.

Ruby was so happy then in that small village. Though she was small she used to help her grandmother in cooking. She used to play snakes & ladders and hide & seek with her grandma.

And in the evening she used to go on a walk with her grandpa and they used to talk about the grandpa's army job and his participation in the second world war. She used to listen quietly to all the memories & life incidents he shared. She enjoyed being with them. Her grandparents loved her so much they would act like being not well to their own daughter when she called to take her daughter with her.

Ruby had grown a little so her parents decided to take ruby with them. As ruby had so much love towards her grandparents she used to collect all tiny things which they use, like fallen hair, tablet cover and chocolate wrappers, onion wastes, hair pins, etc. She used to save all these things. She had no interest to leave the place.

Her grandfather gave her his small pink colour plastic egg which she likes the most. The plastic egg could be opened into two. she collected all those tiny things inside the plastic egg. she kept it in the remembrance of her lovely grandparents.

Finally the day to leave the place had come. Ruby was standing near the gate with her plastic egg on her tiny hands and she is about to leave. She was trying to control her emotions. But when her grandpa asked, "My dear who will give me tablets regularly & accompany me during my walking here after?"

Tears came running as like the waters at the falls.
Her tears made the strong army cry.

With the hugs and kisses of her grandparents she left them. She had the plastic egg in her tiny hands with love filled in it.
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