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Story listed as: True Life For Adults | Theme: Family / Friends | Subject: Community | Published here : 01/06/2017
Response Surface Methodology (RSM) 
M, from Lahore, Pakistan
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Ever since RSM experimental design is born to the statistica family, my Science advisor has hard time. Often he will touch and scratch his ears, indicating the complexity used in creating this technique. But I remember he avoided us using this multi-dimensional method, rather, he believes in single factor analysis or so called 1D.
After my doctoral expedition, I delayed my marriage for some time, since I was busy in concluding how 3D-cargo-polysaccharides slip over 1D protein molecules. My statistica (future wife), since she had a master degree in statistic, texted me.
“Your 3D voyage will eventually sink our social boat”
And yes I am intended to venerate her opinion that the scientists rescind their life in the labs, having limited friends and taste, aiming finer focus on refining GDP and quality of life, surrounding them.
But my observation is, scientists would for sure, delight when copper donate electrons to the milk having artificially added UREA by the street vendor and the blue color spreading in the quartz; when an un-reacting molybdate is yellow (in solution); when modified one atom thick graphene become part of the cellulose, and the FTIR peaks gradually mask (oxidized) on the screen, indicating the hard work of the scientist has eventually come up with super intelligent molecule, to amaze the world.
Between the thick and thin life of a scientist they have taken the coffee with the cigarettes ashes in the bottom (sometime, if not often) while, missing ash tray during answering the reviewer steered questions regarding the mean standard error, opps!
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