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Story listed as: True Life For Adults | Theme: Family / Friends | Subject: Current Events | Published here : 01/06/2017
Exam. .!! 
By Fathuma Raihana
Born 1994, F, from Galle, Sri Lanka
Exam.  .!!
Finally the class was over. When florida reached the parking area and she waved goodbye to the class. She rode her bike to home.

The huge gate opened. Florida arrived her place. Mother was watering the plants. Florida pushed the handlebars of her bike in to the mother's hand. Mother smiled.

"Did you tell him?" florida asked.

Mother gave no sign. Florida sobbed. She parked her bike, got her books and went inside the house. Father was reading a magazine.

"How was the class today?" father asked.

"Good" she replied.

Father tore out one page on which was printed the structure of a computer and handed her it.

"Read this page"

"Dad I need grandpa's blessing. So, can you?"

She begged innocently, turned her head and looked at him with smiling face. Father's face reddened.

"You don't go anywhere" he shouted.

Mother sensed that something was seriously wrong. She came quickly.

"Ok ok be patient" mother said.

Father put his finger on Florida's chin and truned her face toward him.

"Look at me. Be ready for your exam"

Florida went upstairs to her bedroom. She wore her pijama and, still sobbing, sat on bed.

She glanced at the clock ticking. It was eleven thirty. She had not realized it. The room was so quiet.
"I hear the ticking of the clock. I feel so alone like no one cares" she murmured. Her phone suddenly began to ring. She took her mobile and pressed a few buttons, message was opened. She started reading,
"Tomorrow we will go to grandpa's home. So, get up early : mom"

She jumped on her bed. She set the alarm on her mobile phone for five
o' clock.

The morning sun's rays came in through open Windows and warmed florida's face. Suddenly inside her head some sort of alarm started ticking. She bolted out of bed. After she was fresh out of shower and got dressed. She ran a comb through her curly hair. Her mother entered with a big tray laden with tea and toasted sandwich.

"Good morning dear!"

"Good morning mom! I'm already ready"

"Good, come then, let's have breakfast"

"Is dad ready?"

"Urgently he went abroad for business meeting"

"What? Which time?"

"Yesterday night. I think after two days he will come here. So, we can go there"

"But mom?"

"You don't worry. I'll manage everything"

After breakfast they went downstairs to the car. Their journey started. Florida looked through the car window.

"Mom look at that. Nice flowers. Wow" she behaved like a little kid. Today she felt the reall freedom.

Grandpa's place reached. It was a beautiful village that seems like a painting by a famous painter. Florida's grandma has passed away. Her grandpa and workers still live in this village. Gate was opened. It was a huge house.

"Stop the car, Stop the car" florida shouted.

"Why dear? What happened?" Mother asked wonderly.

"I want to surprise grandpa. So, I will?"

Mother smiled and nodded her head. Florida slowly opened the car door and ran to grandpa's home. She entered the home and saw that her grandpa was doing something in kitchen.

"Grandpa I'm came" florida said loudly.

Grandpa was surprised. He couldn't talk anything. His eyes filled with tears.

"Are you u u u came my dear?

Florida nodded her head and gave grandpa a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"I love u grandpa"

"Me too my child"

Their hands were joined one to another and stepped to veranda. Then florida's mother entered the house.

"How are you dady? I miss you lot" she said lovingly.

They started to share their's feelings. . . . .

"Wow amazing lunch! My tummy is full" florida said.

Beside the place was a river. They went boat ride after their lunch. During her boat ride, florida saw huge forest, many birds and animals who are living in that aquatic environment. Florida showed something to her grandpa.

"What's that bird?"

"Ooooo. . Don't you know that bird? It's pelican. They are a genus of large water birds. They have predominantly pale plumage, the exception begin the brown and Peruvian pelicans . . ."

Grandpa started to describe and florida listened with great interest.

"Thank you grandpa" she bowed her head.

Florida's grandpa's had a huge flower garden. Florida and grandpa went there. The murmuring, sound of the wind, the singing birds and the dancing flowers recived they with their arms. Florida felt like she was flying into the sky like a free bird. She buried her face in it's flowers.

"Wow nice fragrance! It feels like I'm in heaven" she inhaled it deeply.

Next day they returned home. Their plan was succeed. Father hasn't come home yet. Finally in two more days, he arrived home. He brought the large gift to the veranda and set it down in front of florida.

"Please open my dear"

"What's this dad?" She was surprised.

"Can you guess?"

"Mmmm. . ." She put her finger to her chin as if she had to think about it.

"What?" He waited for her reply.

"Ok I found it. It's my favourite teddy bear. Wow I love you dad" she jumped up and down.

"Teddy bear? Are you still a kid?"

She suddenly stopped jumping, her face was sad. Father opened the gift.

"Books?" She was shocked and said,

"But, dad already I have a lot of books"

"So what?" He arranged on book shelves in her room like a mini library. She was very upset. Her father was putting pressure on her.

Her exam day came closer. She looked up all her notes and checked it again. Father gave more exam tips for her.

"Piter she came first in every exam. So, don't pressure her" mother tried to explain him.

"I know everything. If she got less marks in this exam. Then, I'll" he pointed his finger at mother. She was silent.

"Don't worry dad. I'll get high marks" florida innocently said.

She kissed her mother's forehead and wiped a few tears from her eyes.

The days have passed so quickly. Florida slammed her textbook shut triumphantly.

"Yeah! Finally I'm going to finish my exam"

"Which subject today?" Mother asked.

"Geography" she replied putting her hair up in a ponytail.

"Ok hurry up" father said.

There was a sudden silence when father entered the room. She got dressed and put some books in her bag. She waved goodbye to mother and she ran quickly to car. Soon enough her car reached the exam hall.

The examination began. She recived her test paper and she started writing. Suddenly a big smile appeared on her face. She brought her test paper closer to her eyes. She started to read and smiled again.

She looked at her wristwatch and then she looked at the test paper. She was struggling on the last question. She was thinking and she put a hand to her forehead and winced.

"Uff just missed" she said to her self. At the last minute, she found answer and wrote confidently.

She returned home happily. Mother was warmly welcomed.

"How was the test dear?"

She took off her shoes and lay down on the sofa and closed her eyes and replied,

"Superb mom! Third question was very interesting. It's about a pelican bird. I should thanks to grandpa" she started to say about their boat ride.

"Oh. . Shhhh" mother said putting her index finger on her lips.

Florida opened her eyes and looked into mother's face.

"What" at that time father's voice shook the home. He broke everything in the house. All of the furniture was sliced to shreds also.

"Did you have fun? We will talk about this after the exam result? I'm sure you will get low marks"

Father went out of the home in a anger. Florida ran upstairs to her room and looked herself inside. She dropped down on the chair, put her head on the table and cried with pain.

She got up and walked to her book shelves. "I'm so fed up with this life" she yelled hysterically and throw all the books on the floor. Then, insect killer bottle fell down from the shelve. She took the bottle, she drank it so fast and then took a very deep breath. Her nose started to bleed and felt faint. She threw herself face down on the bed and closed her eyes. Death slowly lifted her arm, she passed through glory's morning gate.

"Florida open the door!" Mother knocked the door. But, got no response. She knocked again, no response. Then she said "Florida please dear open the door"

Mother was afraid. She grabbed a hammer and began hitting the door.
Suddenly, the room door opened.

When mother entered, she saw a lot of blood and fluid expelled from florida's mouth. She cried loudly and ran to father to inform him what she had seen. He was shocked. They brought her to the hospital. Unfortunately, they couldn't save her.

"Open your eyes my dear" father's tears continued to flow and he began to beg the god's for it not to be true.

After four months,
Father typed something in to the computer. He waited some five seconds untill the search engine churned out it result's.

"Four A" his mouth was opened immediately and his eyes, filled with tears.

(The recent suicides by teenagers have triggered a debate in the city. Most experts blame changes in society due to modern culture. Psychologists in the city state suicidal tendency in children is a big issue but it can be redressed through regular communication and counselling.

A few days ago, a 14-year-old student of class VI committed suicide after his father scolded him. And a girl student of Class XII had committed suicide as she was worried about the financial status of here family in the wake of the death of her father in an accident.

Another Class XII student committed suicide after she failed to overcome examination stress some days ago.

The experts are of the view that parents should be friendly to children to avoid such incidents.

There is a purely emotional part of the parent/child relationship that is built on affection and esteem.

Every parents should become their kids'best friend. )
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