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Story listed as: Fiction For Children | Theme: Fantasy / Fairy Tale | Subject: Fairy Tale / Folk Tale | Published here : 01/06/2017
The Golden Book 
By Vatsal Parikh
Born 2004, M, from Portland Oregon, United States
I was on the porch wondering why, why did my dad die? It made no sense to me. All my friends were on vacation this summer while I stayed home. I had no friends and I felt everyone was staring at me. Later, a delivery truck came and the driver stepped out carrying a big red box. He dropped it right in front of me. I pushed it into the house to show my mom.
“Finally my bed is here,” said my mom.
“Can I use the box if you don’t mind” I said.
“Sure,” said mom.
I took the box up to my room and I pretended that the box was a plane flying to Europe, I was doing that because I was really bored. Right when I was about to take off in my imaginary plane I heard a loud thud in my closet.
I ran to my closet to see what fell on the on ground. It was a golden book with a latch on it. I ran downstairs to show my mom what I found. She dropped the pan in her hand.
“Where did you find that book?” asked mom.
“It was in my closet,” I said.
“I was going to tell you sooner or later but this is how your dad died. He went into this book to solve a prophecy, I went in there to save him but it was too late.” said mom gloomily.
“What is the prophecy about?” I asked.
“You’re too young I can’t tell you,” mom said.
I went back to my room to read I was mad why couldn’t mom tell me what the prophecy was about.
It was time for bed I pretended to fall asleep and when mom fell asleep I ran to her room grabbed the book and took it back to my room one look couldn’t hurt, it couldn’t hurt.
I carefully opened the latch and then opened the book there was a big flash of light. And, right in front of me stood a toad as tall as a man in a suit.
“Hi there,” said the toad.
I almost blanked out, there was a talking toad in front of me.
“Hi,” I replied in a little timid voice. “Who are you?”
“I’m Mr. Froakie,” said the toad. “I’ve come to tell you your father is still alive, and is in in this book. He is imprisoned by a powerful and evil king. You can still save your father, you have to come into this book with me and I can lead you to the king.”
I started wondering what it would be like to go into the book to save my father and grandpa.
“I’ll come in this book with you,” I said bravely.
“Ok, but first I need to see your skills and see what weapon will suit the best to fight the king with me.”
“Ok , but can we do the training in the morning it is almost midnight you can sleep under my bed,” I said with a yawn.
“Fine with me,” shrugged Mr. Froakie.
I got into bed and finally fell asleep.
I woke up with water on my face that was because, Mr. Froakie had splashed a bucket of water on me at 7:00 A.M. hi i said bac
“Rise and shine ready to start training with Mr. Froakie the great!” exclaimed
Mr. Froakie. “I am going to see how well you do with a sword here is a stick for practice. We are going to do a little fencing,” said Mr. Froakie
That was going to be easy how hard can it be.
“Remember too much ego can make you lose focus,” replied Mr. Froakie. “Ready Set Go!”
I started moving around the stick like I didn’t know what I was doing.
“STOP!!!” shouted Mr. Froakie. “You were moving the stick like you had lost control of your body.
“Let's try the bow and arrow. Hit the target on the wall I drew with chalk,” said Mr. Froakie calmly. “I will see your aim.”
I pulled back the arrow and then let go bang I hit the target straight in the middle.
“Your weapon is going to be the Bow and Arrow. You are now ready to go into this book,” said Mr. Froakie.
We went back to my room and I took the book out of my closet and before I knew it I had jumped into the book.
Once I jumped I felt like I was in a wormhole. But, after a few minutes I was in a whole new world. There were Trolls and Goblins everywhere I looked.
I looked at Mr. Froakie, “So lead to the king!” I said confidently.
“What I have no idea how to get to the king I just came to your world to inform you,” replied Mr. Froakie.
“But you said you knew to the way to the king!” I yelled at Mr. Froakie.
“NO I DIDN’T!” Mr. Froakie said in a more of a guilty way.
I started to suspect that Mr. Froakie was in on helping the king.
“Are you helping the king?” I asked Mr. Froakie suspiciously.
“No way!” Said Mr. Froakie.
“Ok I will have to go find someone who knows the way to the king”I said.

I started walking with Mr. Froakie I kept my distance since I still thought he was
helping the king. After a little walking Mr. Froakie told me to turn right since he said he knew someone there who could possibly help us. I started walking and immediately I fell down into a ditch.
“Finally my work here is done, and also your father isn’t really alive. I brought you
on so the king and I could finish you up now you will be dead in a few days because there is no food down there, I hope you enjoy the last few days of your life!” Exclaimed Mr. Froakie.
I was so mad I can’t believe I trusted Mr. Froakie. I should have listened to what
my mom had said about not opening that book. I had to figure out a way to get out of this ditch and still get to the king to destroy him for what he has done to my father.
I immediately thought of using my arrows to get out the ditch, for I have amazing upper body strength. I stuck two arrows into the dirt and they actually stayed in place I hung on to them and one by one I moved my arrows a little bit higher and then pulled myself up and after half hour of climbing I got out of the ditch. I couldn’t feel my hands, they were sore and aching. Luckily, I found a few blueberry bushes, so I ate a few handfuls of them. It was getting dark; I had to find shelter fast to stay in during the night in a whole different world.
I started walking hoping that I would find some sort of shelter. A little deep into the forest I found a cave, even though it was dark and I didn’t know what was in there. I took the risk to go in there, luckily there was nothing in there. So I decided to spend the night in the cave.
The sun was up and I was awakened by the peaceful chirping of the birds. I started of with a light breakfast in which I had blueberries from the same bush. I started walking out of the forest, after what felt like a hour I had gotten out of the forest. But I wasn’t alone, there was troll in front of me that was about 1 foot tall. It was looking up at me.
“Hello, I didn’t mean to startle you there, my name is Zakaro. And let me get this straight most trolls are bad but I’m a good one. I saw the toad that made you fall in the ditch. I heard you want to get to the king I know the way to his castle. Would you like me to take you there?” asked Zakaro.
“Ok,” I replied in a weird way.
I started following Zakaro after a while of walking I could see the king’s castle it we were pretty close to it.
I asked, “is that the king’s castle over there?”
“Indeed that is,” said Zakaro. “Now all we need to do is keep an eye out for the king’s guards as they are always guarding the land far away from the castle. Also, I think you will do pretty well with the bow and arrow you have. I hope you have could aim don’t worry about not hitting them just hit them they are evil.”
“Ok I will look out for guards and if I see any I will shoot them,” I said in a scared tone.
We starting walking to the castle as quiet as possible to create less attention. I saw a guard hiding in the trees and noticed he started creeping up on us. But he just ran out in front of us. With all my might I punched him straight in the face; he fell down hard.
“Run others probably know we are nearby,” said Zakaro.
We started running as fast as we could we were getting closer and closer to the castle. We got to the door of the castle and the guards weren’t looking so I crept up towards them and bam!!!! I punched the guard in the back of his neck he fell face first on the concrete ground. The other guard turned around and said, “stop right there you are not allowed inside the king’s castle.”
I just ran straight inside. Right in front of me was the king he was, short and chubby he was being pampered by Mr. Froakie.
“GET OUT OF MY CASTLE!!!” yelled the king.
“I’ve came here to destroy you for what you have done to my father,” I said. “Zakaro get Mr. Froakie and I will take care of the king myself.”
I took out my sword and so did the king I started putting in all my might to kill the king. We were moving all over the castle. Finally the king lost his balance and I elbowed him in the back hard and I didn’t think he was going to be alive now.
Mr. Froakie ran towards the king, at that instant with powers I didn’t know Zakaro had he zapped him with lightning and they both were destroyed.
“You did good,” said Zakaro.
“You did too,” I said back.
And from then on I didn’t have to worry about the king and Mr. Froakie ever again.
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