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Story listed as: True Life For Adults | Theme: Love / Romance | Subject: Life Changing Decisions/Events | Published here : 01/07/2017
The Thoughts of a Lost Companionship 
By nsizwa D kubheka
Born 1992, M, from newcastle kwazulu natal, South Africa
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The Thoughts of a Lost Companionship
The thoughts of a lost companionship

It is easy for the words to be uttered when not faced by the matter
, pointing the other direction ,that only so few can understand the true feeling of my downfall.
It's not difficult because there is no other way to take but just to be sure its the
Rite route to take .it may seem easy to do but the execution is tougher than
Can be imagined.

Each second counts but more anxious is to get the job done.why me ?
Am i that dull or that stupid in the brains ?maybe yes or maybe not but the
Waiting is killing me softly.

I want to spill the words but my eyes and heart fears that which i can
Not control.that is the direction that will be considered by the recipient.
How will she view it ? Will it pass through her skull that time does pass on
Maybe what was yesteeday is not what is today or what will be infuture.

It might be easy to ask someone to wait but its not what its seems.
Maybe the love that was before is not today maybe it got lost some where
I might not find it anymore or maybe yes.

Taking a phone dialing the number ...let me tell her ..the phone rings
Quite a few seconds no pick-up.... dropping the phone .the waiting is killig me
I thought i could say the words in a flesh .

How should i tell her.the letters will not express the way and the manner with
Which i would like to portray.i want to say the words that will be what my heart
Would like to hear inthe do I tell her .that much i enjoy her company at the same she has disapointed my heart more than what it can endure.should i leave her ?should i run away without telling.maybe it might be good.wait won't i be a coward in her face .i would like to leave as a warrior.

My heart longs to stay yet my head nods otherwise .my feet are ready to run but my knees falls short closer to the ground they want to kneel and say i love you.the eyes looks at the mess she has caused but my ears hears her voice my nose lift her scent that i like and love .

The matters of the hearts desire are a mystery to all .

Written by nd kubheka
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