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Story listed as: Fiction For Teens | Theme: Science Fiction | Subject: Adventure | Published here : 01/09/2017
By Ossie Durrans
Born 1941, M, from Whitby, United Kingdom
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He arose from the ruling seat in the vast catacomb that served as the centre of Fulstar.
“To resolve any war there must be compromise on both sides and that is what we search for today. If we do not find it it is very possible that the whole of our planet Fulstar will die from the legacy of our pointless battles.”
“The greatest warrior of the Ter-aks has fought with the greatest warrior of the Mer-aks with a view to the winner takes all.”
“This is the result.”
He pointed to two blue egg shaped cylinders in front of him. Umbilical cables stretched from them to the quietly flashing small lights of the bank of electronics on wheeled trolleys supporting them.
“Both of them have finally perished beyond any redemption. Only the memory bank of each brain has some limited function.”
He paused and looked around the cool damp green chamber at the representatives of the Ter-aks and then down into the clear water at the leaders of the Mer-raks.
“So where do we go from now? Air and water will never mix together but with luck they can survive happily together. This will give our children hope. They have none at present.”
“So we must look elsewhere. I have an idea for you to think about. Doctor Ereus will explain it now. We have damaged our planet so severely that we must act today jointly to correct the damage done otherwise we really are all finished.”
Doctor Ereus rose and adjusted his vision.
“What we think we are able to do is to connect both remaining brain cells of Mandria from the Mer-aks and Tandria from the Ter-aks then download them onto a joint computer. This hopefully can take the past experience of both of these fine leaders and merge them together to find points that can be negotiable. Then by using the latest upgrade request the best answer taking account of both sides requirements.”
“When this has been done all will be switched off and both warriors finally laid to rest.”
Once more the silence was deafening except from small bubbles bursting in the pool.
“This may not be the solution, it may not work at all but we must gain something from the sad deaths of both these leaders. We must move forward and stop the fighting. There will be a short time now for you to make up your mind.”
He waved to the catacomb flute player whose haunting notes floated around the cool air and the surface of the ocean pool. Then slowly dying down to infinity.
“Can I have your votes now please? Green for yes and peace red for no and continuing war. The results will be transmitted onto the ocean pool surface.”
Small ripples on the surface of the pool ceased with the expectancy.
The water surface became bright and swayed slowly from red to green and back. Finally it settled on green.
“Thankyou – we will reconvene in one week. There is a lot to do but now we have hope.”
Slowly the Ter-aks filed out of the narrow exit of the catacomb into the open air and below them the Mer-aks swam slowly down the narrow tunnel to the open sea.
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