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Story listed as: True Life For Adults | Theme: Family / Friends | Subject: Pain / Problems / Adversity | Published here : 01/11/2017
Little Things That Matter 
By nsizwa D kubheka
Born 1992, M, from newcastle kwazulu natal, South Africa
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Little things that matter

So long we look very little at the tiny things in life that do matter, not realizing their importance in this life. they are there for the reason that we might not have come to realise yet until something extraordinary happens.

A day ago when the life had not became flooded with technological advancements that even the best solutions then are now worthless. a time when those Huge cellpones were made. A housewife would wake up every morning Cook breakfast and give her kids a nice bath before they journey to school. She would look at her kids with love as she sends her regards to them. She would tell them "my children go on to school and make yourselves proud, Make us proud by being the best. fight not with anyone but with your books. respect other children at school. remember I am raising you to be something great in future." She would hug them as she gives them kisses on the cheek. off they go.

She would sit by the chair in the foyer and would dream and wish that she did not have this horrible deadly disease. however we don't choose life it appears to have been chosen for us. she would worry about leaving her kids too soon . who would take care of them like she does? Who will ensure that they feel the warmth and tender care and the love of their mother. oh her husband is a busy man , who only comes home for a visit once in 3 months for only a week. she would love that he would remarry after she dies, she wanted someone to look after him and her kids but she worried about how will the new lady treat her kids.

Troubled but joyed as she shared her life with the most lovely person she adores more she is reminded of their love everyday even though he is far away working for them to be able live the life, that they liked and loved when they first met ,many moons ago.

Not so long that she was diagnosed with level 2 Cancer and accompanied by a heart disease, she always was a laughing person ,a people's person we may all relate to. she and her husband kept this very covert that none of their children knew of this until one day. The youngest of their children Hopewell did not feel well at school and was released to go home for the day. he would return to school on the condition that he was well and fit to do so. when he got home , as he moved past their garden to greet his mother , the lovely young 11 year old boy did not find his mother at the chair she usually seats from . as he wondered .he quickly opened the door in the living room got inside and no luck of where his mother might be.

He ran from that room until he reached the dining room. there was his mother shaking on the floor. momy!!!!.... What's happening .....mommy as he screams louder. no one to hear him , the neighbours are at work .he spotted his mother's old phone .he doesn't know anything about phones. he pressed a number on speed dial one. it rang and someone picked up, it was his dad. as he screamed louder please send an ambulance mom is shaking on the floor and is not speaking.

Shocked ....the father dropped the phone and called an ambulance. within 10 minutes she had been brought to hospital and saved. This was a third strike of the heart failure. it was intense and yet she survived.

Who would believe that a number on speed dial could save a life. respect those tiny things that seems useless and purposeless for they might save a life. we dont know what tomorrow brings . Love each day like its the last on earth.

Written by
Nsizwa D
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