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Story listed as: True Life For Teens | Theme: Love / Romance | Subject: Self Image / Self-Love | Published here : 03/11/2017
My first love 
By Champ-mik
Born 2002, M, from Kolkata, India
I still remembered the day when I first met with her!! Both of us were young or rather small I think i was in class 3 when she came to our school. She did not start from the beginning of the session but joined a few months later when our unit tests were over.The first day she wore a nice pink dress a frock and a pink shoe though that was not our school uniform but her parents might have taken some special permission from the school authority so they allowed her to wear such dress!! All the boys and girls watched her with amaze!.All eyes was only upon her I should be guilty if I missed my name because I was the one who looked on her the most.The new girl was taken to our class and introduced by our class teacher and the reason behind her joining school so late because her father was transfered to Kolkata .Nobody was willing to offer her a place to sit but our teacher arranged a place for her!! Soon things went on as it does.. Our first term exam arrived, I was not good in studies but things started to change from class 4. Once more we all were amazed not because we were not expecting such a good result from a new-comer she scored above 90% in the exam. Then I was the one who talked with her and congratulated her. I had a little crush upon her from the first day but I didn't thought it would go on after we became good friends. She was nice, pretty girl with a small hair that didn't extend more than her neck.It was an unique hair type because no girl of our class had such....

The reason why I liked her was she was exactly of my age and my other classmates were all bigger than my age. The fact was she never got angry with me she laughed at my jokes talked with me always and shared her ideas her aim and so on I didn't thought this liking and crush would change or rather turn into love. She helped me in studies and as she was good in studies I also started to give a lot of effort on my studies to level with her and in class 5 I also scored 90% though not more than her but nearly close!! I thought of asking her whom she likes in the class but could not. Everyday after the school she used to say me goodbye and also during exams best of luck!! I always wanted to sit beside her but always it was somebody or the other whom our class teacher made to sit beside her. You all must believed that "luck matters a lot"?!! In class 6 she left the school in the middle because again for her father's transfer to malda. An incident which I still remembered was when during our tiffin time one of my friend told both of us when we were having a chat and she laughed and beat me in my head just jockingly that this all happens in love and told me that I will have to bear all these in front of her but she didn't spoke anything just laughed at his words. I was very sad and I told my best friend about her. He encouraged me and said "Love stories end but true love stories never end" this was indeed true because in class 7 I again met her she came to visit here and came to my house but I was unable to tell her the truth,.......

I again met her in class 9 in our chemistry tuition there she again beat me in my head like previously but as she joined late sir shifted her to another day. I told you that our mothers were like friends so her mother told my mother that they would again come back to Kolkata and she would again join our school!. She was admitted she gave exam and passed that time she frequently called me to ask few questions and answers but she did not join our school she moved on to another school. In class 10 it was again decided that she would join my tuitions maths and physics and study with me but because of my very good luck the physics teacher denied and maths teacher too.....

In class 10 I decided to tell her all these things and for these I always walked by the road near her house so that I could see her. All was just a waste but if you are finding for an opportunity you would surely get one and that happened with me too I met her and told her my love for her she agreed........

Hope you liked that actually the last paragraph is not real I have still not told her. In the whole story I used "her" but actually "her" name is S Sen. pls rate it!!!!.
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