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Story listed as: True Life For Teens | Theme: Inspirational | Subject: Life Experience | Published here : 07/19/2017
senior year 
By Hannah Higgins
Born 1997, F, from Gasconade, MO, United States
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senior year
Today is the day , the first day of high school. Time has flown by so fast, it’s just unbelievable. Where has the time gone. Only if time would just slow down. It’s the last year will being seeing all of my friends. Before you know it we will all be going of to college, or getting a job. The first last day of school was here, I guess I have to enjoy it while it lasts.

When I got to school that morning, I met up with my best friend Zeke. Zeke and I have been friends as long as could remember. As we were driving to school he has asked me, “ are you ready for our last first day of high school.” I just was speechless, I didn’t know what to said then I told him, “ Yes, but I am nervous but yet excited.” “ Everything will be ok he said.”

Twenty minutes later we had arrived at school. Everyone had changed from junior year. The had either got taller, tanner, or changed their hair color. Looks like there were somethings things I to get used to.

All I could think about how the day would go. Having to meet all new teacher that you had never had. Just thinking about what my classes were going to be like were stressful. I just couldn't wait for my creative writing class. I heard that Mrs. Carr creative writing class was just outstanding.

A few hours had past by. So far I had Math first hour, history second hour, and Mr. Rodd for free time. So far my day was not so bad, and I was starting to relax more during the day. I was just glad lunch was finally here because man I was starving.

At lunch Zeke and I sat with Fawn and Kaz, our two other friends. We all were just chatting then out of the blue Fawn had asked me, “ Harper are you going to tryout for cheerleading?” “ Will of course I told her.” I have been cheering all of three years of high school.

Finally it was the end of the day, and I was relieved. Know I can head off to cheer tryouts. This year there were about 50 people, including guys and girls that were trying out. The only thing that had stuck was that only 25 people would make the team.

After 2 long hours tryouts were over with. Everyone who had tried out for the team was outstanding. I just hoped I had made the team. Cheerleading was everything to me. It was the only thing, besides English that was amazing all of the years of highs school. At the end of tryouts the old cheer captain Aaron said she would post them at the tomorrow.

Finally the next day had came. I woke up with excitement because they were posting the list today. I ended up leaving 15 minutes from school because I was so anxious to found out. When I had got to school I went straight to the board and there it was, the list of everyone who had made the cheer team. When I looked at it I started from the bottom to the top. It took a while but, for some reason I couldn’t find my name. Then, at the very top of the list my name was there. I was so happy.

A week later they decided to pick out the new captain of the cheer squad. At the end of the day everyone turned in there votes. The next day at the beginning of practice they had the old captain Aaron came to the practice to announce the new captain. “The new captain is Harper,” said Aaron. They had said my name, then everyone cheered for me it was the best day of my life.

And from that day I knew it was going to be the best year.

I was just loving my senior year so much. All of my classes were amazing, but on top of that all I was the new cheer captain.

It was already the end of the school year and of course life was great. I was acing all of my classes, and everyone was talking about how the cheerleading is so much better with me being the captain. Of course in the time of being the cheer captain, and acing all of my classes it was college applying time. I end up applying for Central Michigan University, they had an amazing cheer squad.

Then all of the sudden around prom time this had happen, I got accepted into CMU. I was so happy. That night it was prom, and of course I went to prom with my best friend Zeke. After dancing around for a while it was time to announce the prom king and queen. The prom king ended up being Luke to star quarterback. The Principal had announced the prom queen, “and the prom queen is Harper.” I was just in shock. This was the best night ever. After that everyone just dance had had a good time at prom.

A week after prom it was graduation day. I just could have imaged a better senior year. Winning prom queen, getting voted cheer captain, acing all of my classes and getting accepted into MCU. All I could say this has been the best senior year ever.

After the summer of my amazing senior year I had a blast starting at MCU…….. And I made to cheer team at MCU….

The End!!!!!
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