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Story listed as: True Life For Adults | Theme: Inspirational | Subject: Spirituality | Published here : 07/22/2017
The Chronicles of An Anonymous Dreamer 
By AnonimusDreamr
Born 1987, M, from Toronto, Canada
The Chronicles of An Anonymous Dreamer
and Self-Schooled Self-Hypnosis Meditation Expert Uncovering New Depths to the Meaning of Superconsciousness and its Connections to the Ancient history of Spirit, The Source of All Existence, The Astonishing Not So Realistic Truth about Reality Exciting Spirit-Science Fanatics World-Wide as the Growing Community is Raving about the Enlightening Experience it is to grasp perspective of this Discovery

The spirit world is commonly called the after-life; here it is called life between life. This anonymous dreamer recalls several segments of spirit history which goes as far back as planets not being formed yet, and with plenty insights into the future with details constantly surfacing. Often the details are impeccably accurate. The event of envisioning possible future plots or living them out astrally gives clue to improving decision making and suggests that premonitions of the future are useful for having an idea of what can or will happen but also include alternative outcomes that may or may not occur which should always be in consideration when analyzing a medium’s future channeling work or putting trust in the entirety of a personal premonition as information gathered from clairvoyant states of entrancement needs syphoning to surface useful information and discard the crowded heap of partially true futures, possibilities, and visions of astral activity unnecessary to factor in given the purpose of the process is to gather valuable foreshadowing to what really is to come about. future events are pre-mapped out in the spirit world although some moments are checkpoints inevitable to take place.

The Superconscious Recollection Archives of Prophecies, Spiritual Philosophies, and Perspective Revolutionizing Messages in Best Linguistic Translation Possible by An Anonymous Dreamer

Meditative exercises strengthen the pineal complex increasing its activity and positive affect on life while the subconscious mind is anchored in inspiration and spiritual support. Seekers of the code needed to unlock the entrance to our innate creativity’s power and all-encompassing Spiritual Awareness invoking surreal sensations which pertain to the superconscious reunion taking place, must first accept all angles of the current mental problems, distastes, learned condemning of others, and stressful issues perpetuating unnecessary discomforts and consuming the mind. To break free from the entire belief system overcrowding awareness with perpetual problems to experience the realization that releasing the grip on beliefs that work against us helps to relieve all perturbing stresses and barriers cognitively in place holding back our spiritual liberty.
When experiencing pure awareness first hand we recognize how unimaginably limited and systematically controlled we are by social expectations, media programming, and institutional indoctrinations actually altering the mind’s innate balance, natural perception of priority and its order, as well as distorting significance association while constantly unrooting conscious elements from their functional bearings keeping populations in a state of fear, weakness, and unrest. Through self reflection of astral phenomena experienced while dreaming and meditating in the holistically sound state formed when pineal strength is consistently exercised and developed academically or to a stage of comparable maturity requiring being par with internalization skill sets and astral conductivity universally characteristic of scholarly masters of advanced technique and superconsciously inclined graduates of vibrational tuning programs administered by authentic hypnosis research institutes dedicated to perfecting hypnosis technologies and cerebral frequency balancing programs integral to remote viewing orientations, mental anxiety treatment, the evolution of behaviour therapy, increasing the flow of self healing, and providing easy access to deep relaxation which will strengthen the pineal complex impressively alone if practised regularly better yet with a concentrated effort to coordinate the flow of kundalini energy, align chakras, silence the mind, relieve as much tension as possible shifting awareness from thoughts to breathing, senses, the energy fields and conscious mechanisms collecting and awakening, coordinating the distribution of white blood cells to where they are needed most for healing, and if sensing the launch of an astral projection and desiring take-off then focussing on the vibrational state while allowing the vibration to fully connect and dominate self awareness reserving suitable conditions for willful passage to outer-body travelling or a good chance for a fully aware experience of witnessing the astral body slide out of the physical body naturally as we all do it regularly but usually without attention to the transition’s event as well as without retaining clarity and timelines, looking back at the physical body, lucidly navigating the astral realm, or quantum jumping vividly. Connecting with these type of timeless sensations is fascinating however simply designating a little time regularly to conjure a meditative state of relaxation is sufficient enough to supply spiritual security, positive development of superconscious comprehension, balance to the body’s energy fields which is imperative to enabling the body’s immaculate ability to heal itself as well as to keeping a healthy drive for excelling at tasks in waking life as maintaining peace and vitality at a core level configures the inner self in a way that consistently helps keep almost all aspects to life in gear. Residing in the comforts of kundalini energy leads to the embodiment of powerful peace infamously superior to the power of violence, hate, and selfish aggression. This literally means that building the current of peaceful energies surrounding the self and holding this side of the scale down for the majority of the time makes it obvious that victory in a petty violent interaction will always serve triumph to the force of total peace through application of its authority reconfirming that even upon receiving an unwarranted strike to the face, answering with spiritual solidarity will still unfold a more righteous proceeding than striking back or participating emotionally. For example, presenting the next side of your face to show dismissal of the behaviour also declining the request to feud therefore suggesting both parties move on and turn down further injury and disruption. Although, in more severe circumstances where the aggressing force is a dangerous threat clearly seeking to violently inflict substantial physical damage or serious vandalization and damages to the structure, assets, or inhabitants of a rightfully owned territory not excluding similar circumstances in the wild or violent threats off premises of owned property such as encountering such a conflict while shopping peacefully on the grounds of a publicly owned municipality; then in this case defensive or protective combat is demanded of the defending party or territory’s guardians to ensure safety and defeat of such violation. However, if injury of either force is possible to prevent, damages can be repaired, women and children are not at risk of harm, and the serious threat can be settled without any deaths then faith in peace’s power is best seen to the end. Guiding the aggressor to retreat physically in the most peaceful way possible will best protect wellness and security as fearfully taking life from a territory’s intruder or killing in defence against a violent attacker prematurely leaves the aggressor without proper trial as it is most peaceful to consider causes for their behaviour like the need to forage for food and goods for survival or psychological misunderstandings needing alternative solutions like the option to work for food, leave with a spare tool for hunting, be contained and kept alive until trusted with freedom, or be given the appropriate rehabilitation guidance when motives can be resolved with helpful direction or treatment for the mental disease causing their actions. Denying a battle of a known peaceful resolution feeds injustice and weakens loyalty to peace and its power to prevail.
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