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Story listed as: True Life For Adults | Theme: Inspirational | Subject: Inspirational / Uplifting | Published here : 07/25/2017
Untold story 
By Walinou
Born 1994, F, from Algeria, Algeria
Untold story
Experiencing something for the first time is like trying a new, fresh piece of clothing, shoes, or buying an expensive phone; at least that's how you can look at it these days. At first, nobody wants to go there! it looks like a temporary place.

Crying too much as the parents were leaving, what attracted her is the silence and the ultimate discipline of those of her age. Year after year, the girl felt at ease knowing that she will be fine with them. In most cases, having fun with the others was a kind of relief to her. The eyes admired everything as they were colorful, with a short fair loos hair and that perfect shape feeling the innocence with everything she does and say. Having something new to know about was not a choice, because she did, and she knew it very well as it did not vanish as the other's.

Encountering for the first time what appeared to be like the extreme ego, moved something she did not know it existed before. When it started, it was unique, she lived every second, an innocent experience just like the others. But what she did not know is that she'll be the one who pulls the rope alone. Of course it takes two persons to play that game, unfortunatelly she pulled it alone, kept holding it in vain. what most people did not know, she kept it burried under her secret big tree, admiring that ego from distance, far far away, that it became unreachable especialy when that ego found what appreared there to be a beautiful, light, interesting jasmine!

What she did not understand what kind of flower was she? It is hard to see what is not seen, it is hard to feel what is not felt, it is hard to wait to see it kiking off his ultimate ego and share what it thinks about the world and what is not seen to the others. One look could change her life, beliefs, thoughts and emotions, at least for a while. what was not expected is the super-ego who could feel her and build a kind of interest in her. She accpeted it as a sort of friendship, something that'll allow her to be around the ego for just a moment. there were signs that we could notice as adults, but did the A simple little, innocent population who could not pay Attention to many accurate details that were so obvious.

FELLINGS can be noticed, unless you are a profesional magician who practices everyday to prevent the tricks from being revealed to the public, paying attention to many things that could ruin what you built from the first sight. the desire to make them know about what you ate last night maybe what cartoon you like the most, asking if they could show you how to solve a math problem and why not sharing lunch togther.

The act of spillig the paint on plastic flowers, and smelling it from distance: that was her situation with that ambigious ego. The speed of his sound, braging about what it bought yesterday, how many places he wanted to visit in summer holidays, what kind of video games he played ... that moment when you receive mixed signs all the way till the end ... It is not something easy that everyone can go through.. too much imagination that leads to unreal dreams that you wish to happen in real life ...dreams can come reality, but can reality be a dream she had the most exhausted nights dreaming about what could not happen! almost everything can be real, but there is that thing that you can find and feel which says "stop" there is no way that you 'll get what you want and be the one you want! it is bad, because this thing won't let you do anything that you want.. whether mutual or not. The problem is that if he ever know what i was feeling, thinking, wishing, will he ever feel, think, wish the same way as she did ?

The interest is highly related to our wants, he had what he wanted evrything, so why would he bother himself of having another one.
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