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Story listed as: True Life For Children | Theme: General Interest | Subject: Friends / Friendship | Published here : 07/25/2017
Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios 
By Anisha Dasgupta
Born 2005, F, from Portland, Oregon, United States
Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios
Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios

As a young child, some of the most memorable movies I watched were the Harry Potter films. From Diagon Alley to Hogwarts, I memorized vivid details of each setting of the eight movies. So imagine my surprise when my parents told me we were going to visit the set of Harry Potter which is located in London. We woke up early on June 30th and set off to go to the Kingston Station. Approximately three stops later on the tube, we reached the Coach bus station which would take us to the studios. The ride lasted a total of one and a half hours, during which time I enjoyed the beautiful English countryside.

Finally, after what felt like forever, we reached the studios and departed the bus. The first thing I noticed was the plain beige colored building which only displayed the name Harry Potter. We had to wait in a line to actually enter the studios, but during that time, I was able to see the cupboard Harry stayed in for about three years, and a mini movie starring the executive producers and J.K. Rowling. After about 10 minutes my family and the rest of the tour group entered two bite sized doors to a screening room where we watched a documentary narrated by Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint (Harry, Hermione, and Ron) about the shooting, props, helpers, and everyone involved with the movies. Shortly after the film, there were two giant sized doors which all the visiting children helped open in order to finally view the set.

We first walked into the dining hall where all of the first scenes of every movie were shot. In those scenes we were able to see the feast, announcements, and choir singing.

Something interesting I noticed was that each character’s name was engraved at his/her place setting on the feast table. Perhaps this was to let the actors and actresses know where they were supposed to sit during the shoot? From the dining room, we made our way to a large room where 90% of the sets were located. Once I reached that particular spot, I was naming everything from top to bottom.

It was an amazing place! Right when you walked in you could see the moving stairs, the boys dormitory with Ron, Harry, and all of the other boys’ trunks. You could also see the green screens, and so much more. It was like Christmas but with sets instead of presents. Obviously the first thing I had to study/look at was the boy’s dormitory. Since watching the first movie, I had always wanted to see how big their actual dorm was, and now that I had, I was very satisfied. That's not all though because after visiting the dorm I saw the flying car and how they moved it with the green screen in the background. I got to see how they made the broomsticks go up when they said “up” in the movie. I even got to go to the green screen myself and sit on a broomstick. They put a fan in front of me, and the second they started shooting, it looked as if I was escalating in the sky with my broom!

Not long after being videotaped, I went over to the other part of the room and had the opportunity to see the Weasley’s house, the Ministry Of Magic, the potions room, Professor Umbridge's office, and the Room Of Requirement. Shortly after viewing those sets, I went into the set of the Forbidden Forest. On that set, I was able to see Buckley the bird, a lot of the unknown creatures in the forest, and all of the amazing trees! It was a very dark and narrow set, but very intriguing. Once I was done viewing the forbidden forest, I left and reached platform 9 ¾. On that impeccable set, I was lucky enough to see the Hogwarts Express, all of the trolleys, and an illusion of the trolleys going into the wall to get to the platform. It was really cool!

After that set was over, I walked a little more and came upon a cafe. At that cafe they served a lot of harry Potter themed food including butterbeer! Of course I had to take butterbeer, and the second it touched my tongue… it was heaven. As much as I loved the food, we had to move on. After we left the cafe, we went outside and came across the Covered Bridge, Knight Bus, and the Number 4 Privet drive house! The house Harry grew up in. The second I stepped inside that house, everything became realistic, because that was where everything started!

After that that was all done, we went to stage K, which was where the mini Hogwarts sculpture was, and the wand room. The mini Hogwarts sculpture was unbelievable. It had almost every single detail and must have taken forever to build. Even though it is called a mini sculpture, it definitely isn’t mini. Right next to that there is a big wand room where they had all the wands. Every single one of those wands had a personal name to them, and it was one of the best things I had ever seen. Sadly, after that the tour ended, but there was a humongous gift shop! From the gift shop I got a lot of candy, and I got a Harry Potter themed charm bracelet. After purchasing all of my souvenirs, the whole adventure sadly ended, but it was definitely one of the best days of my life!
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