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Story listed as: True Life For Children | Theme: Inspirational | Subject: Life Experience | Published here : 07/29/2017
A tribute to Mount Shasta 
By Mehjabeen Zia
Born 1979, F, from 2365 Almsbury LN,Lewisville,TX, United States
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I wake up at dawn
To see you stand tall.
As the sun gradually wakes up ,
To grace us all.
The rays of light that touch you gently,
Highlight your features beautifully.
The coat of snow you wear
Glistens and shines like crystalline light.
The mountain tops ,your curves ,twists and turns
Leave me mesmerised.
I breathe in chilled air from the mountain tops
I sense life around me though no one talks .
The tress,the grass,the birds, the squirrel
We become still and watch.
This majestic sight as the sun rises up
The blanket of trees that cover u up
Oh Shasta! You are such a heavenly view
Thankyou for choosing me to come visit you.
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