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Story listed as: True Life For Adults | Theme: Inspirational | Subject: Inspirational / Uplifting | Published here : 11/26/2014
By Charles E.J. Moulton
Born 1969, M, from Herten, NRW, Germany
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By Charles E.J. Moulton

"There is more between heaven and earth than is dreamt of in our philosophy."

These words are as current and as important today as when William Shakespeare wrote them back in 1601. Life is certainly different nowadays, but people are still people and they are still searching for truth and meaning. Hamlet's search for what lies beyond the grave is more important than ever. We have thousands of people a year experiencing so-called out-of-body experiences, children remembering their previous lives and coming up with amazing recollections that, amazingly enough, many prove to be true. The eternal question as to what we are doing here, problems that are magically solved once we reach the inner realization what is spiritually wrong with us, our eternal questioning as to where the universe ends, all of that points to one direction: toward a conscious creating spirit. Call him God, the everlasting being, all that is, call him what you want. We are all a part of him, her, it. We are using up our world, usurping the goods. Finding our fate has become a mission.

What I find interesting is how people want to explain away the eternal being with coincidence. But it should be everyone's top priority to find God. After all, your own immortal soul and your own eternity is at stake. What happens to you after you die? Living with God is a whole lot more fun, I'll tell you that. Saying it is coincidence is like throwing up paint into the air and expecting it to land on your white canvas as a replica of the Mona Lisa. Trust your soul. Trust your guardian angels. They trust you, even if you don't trust them.

Anybody who has read "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsch will know what profound impact and influence the book has on your spirit. This interview with God is one thousand pages long and it offers something absolutely unique: complete insight. Neale solved his crisis by reaching out and touching the only being that ultimately could help him in need: the eternal spirit, God, Allah, Brahma, Jehovah, your soul, call him what you want. Neale knew that if he trusted God, made the leap in spite of scepticism, so to speak, he would win. Faith is courage. Nothing else.

Way before I had ever heard of Neale, I solved a crisis by doing the exact same thing. And my higher self saved me in more ways than one.

So I will now have another one of my conversations with my higher self, my guardian angel, my higher being, my God, my eternity.

To simplify, I am abbreviating.

Higher Self - H
Me - M

Welcome to the bigger world.

Welcome home.

H: Hi, you called.
M: Yep. I just wanted to invite you in for a chat. We have an audience today.
H: I know. I called them to come here and listen to us chat.
M: You did?
H: I summoned you to call them and so I called them through you. You called them thorough me.
M: We did.
H: Eternally. That's what we do. What's up?
M: A couple of things. Explain eternity to me, God.
H: Whoa. Could we take this step by step?
M: Okay. What's our mission?
H: Experience. Self discovery. Finding me. I had Neale say that over and over in his book.
M: How can I inspire people to find you and understand how incredible you are?
H: By being you. Only you can be you. There's only one condition.
M: What?
H: You got to let them be them. If they want to find me by sitting on a mountain top drinking cocoa, let them. You wrote a story about that, you know? It's in the net as "A Damsel in the Highlands".
M: I know. But that story was really about Kirsten finding herself.
H: Is there a difference? When you try to find yourself, you are not talking about a picture of yourself or your pocket change. You're not lost in the world when you're trying to find yourself. You're lost in you. If you truly and in your deepest heart really have found yourself in your soul, you have found me. I will always love you. I am love.
M: Do I need churches in order to find you?
H: No. I'm for free. In fact, if anyone charges money in my name, that is a bad sign.
M: What about priests?
H: They serve a very important function. They should be representatives of faith. They are important. But don't think that one faith or one religion is the only line to find me. In fact, you are all advocates of God. You are all priests. God is not a business. God is not a company. I am for free. I am love. In fact, at the moment I have over seven billion phone lines that are ringing and calling me constantly. There are endless ways in finding me.
M: Endless?
H: Endless. If their way to find me is to love their wives or sing their daughters to sleep, paint abstract paintings, watch cartoons or calling me Allah or Brahma, let them find me in their own way. I am all the one and the same. My main concern, my only care, is you. My child. All of my children on all the planets of all the universes.
M: You are telling me there are more than one universe?
H: There's more than one you.
M: Whoa. Hold on. What was that?
H: Look at your life. You are the father, the husband, the singer, the actor, the painter, the teacher. And a whole range of people that know you and respect you in these various universes. They revolve around you. In other universes you are a planet revolving around other suns. In your universe you are always at the center. Every single soul is a universe with solar systems revolving around a brilliant galactic center. When souls meet and fall in love, love shines brightly like nothing else you can imagine. The light of true love is fantastic.
M: Marvelous.
H: Even sexual intimacy is a highly spiritual act. Actually, when two people who honestly love each other make love, it is the most spiritual thing on the planet. That is why it is so important not to cheapen that. Sex is not a power tool. It is a sacred act of love, meant to express affection and love.
M: Love is the binding force that holds the universe together.
H: Well said. Oh, and by the way: your universe, the outer universe your Earth exists in, is absolutely bursting with life. Millions and millions of planets are here with life on them.
M: Do the governments of the world have contact with aliens?
H: Some of them do. Some of them don't.
M: Are the aliens peaceful? Do they want to help us?
H: I have to tell you that some of them worry about your spiritual future. Some of them also find that Hollywood's description of extra terrestrials border on the racist and judgmental. You create stories where the aliens try to kill you. Why not create a story where the aliens want to save you?
M: There's an idea. Another question.
H: Of course.
M: There's a lot of people who think there is only one truth. Who disagree when one tells them one's opinion and manipulate you to feel that you should be like them. That anyone but they are wrong. What do you think about that?
H: Is a horse better than a cow?
M: No.
H: But they both do good work, don't they?
M: Yes.
H: And you would never claim that a horse should kneel to a cow or vice versa, would you?
M: No.
H: So why would you have to put yourself above anyone?
M: It's wrong. But people do that. People play catch-up like crazy in this day and age.
H: That's unfortunate. But they have to make their own mistakes. If someone says that a discussion only has a point if there's a winner they are not playing fair.
M: What's fair?
H: Respect. People are way too diverse to ever have to be like anyone else. But you all have to learn to accept that other people have a right to be different, as well. Spiritually evolved is "cool", as you tend to say. By respecting your neighbor, you get respect yourself. Sometimes people find me by being critical toward me.
M: How?
H: By searching. A person can only walk so far away from his destination. Eventually, everyone finds me. Some souls take much more time, but they get there, as well. I have the time. There's always time. You need the sceptics. They teach you to stay true to what you believe in. If someone tells you you're wrong, he's just afraid of you. You have challenged him. A person who believes in what he says doesn't play the game of winner or loser. In reality there are only winners.
M: Why?
H: The spirit always wins. Always. You said it yourself. There's more between heaven and earth than is dreamt of in our philosophy. Reality is God's dream.
M: Didn't Whitley Strieber's son say that?
H: Yes. The world you see is just the product of the spiritual reality. You're a theater guy. You know that there is far more action behind the scenes backstage than on stage. People see how the world is, maybe even how it evolved. But they never see how it got there. Even if you humans are a genetic product of aliens, as some people claim, the question remains: who created them? You can't escape me. God is spiritual eternity. Theater work is only a copy of creation. Evolution is my musical. The problem is that many souls are singing out of tune.
M: Let's talk about that. Why is there so much pain?
H: People have to reach out and ask me for my help. They have to ask and they have to forgive their oppressors and follow their hearts. They don't. Not always. Again, people make the huge mistake of saying that the God of Abraham is not the God of the Muslims or the God of the Christians. If they are saying that, they are not looking hard or deep enough. There is only one me, even if I have many faces. I am not only that bearded guy on a cloud. If you want me to be the bearded guy on the cloud, I can be.
M: Clarify.
H: Well, the ancient mythologies with Zeus and Apollo and Hera and so on were only ways for those guys to explain what the eternal being is.
M: Everything.
H: Precisely. So, in actual fact, being an atheist is just pretense. If something doesn't exist, you can't deny it. Saying God doesn't exist is like saying life doesn't exist. If anyone is really honest, they will agree that they do not relate to people's bodies, not in an interpersonal way. Even atheists have friends. They say they don't believe in me, which is an anomaly anyway, but they know that they relate to their friends for who they are. That is not physical. A car does not relate to a car. You can teach a machine to react to another machine and even develope new skills. But it is still just a machine. A soul is a soul. What defines a being? The personality, the consciousness, the being, the identity. Everyone believes in something. The inner core is always there, even in people who say they do not believe in anything. You cannot not believe in anything. Ask a person what makes him or her special. In most cases, they will give you character traits, maybe they will mention accomplishments. If they mention physical attributes, they should worry.
M: Superficial tendencies.
H: Well, a body is only an object, it is a house you live in. The being inside might be completely different than the person's looks. You get rugged looking stagehands who are artistic painters, chronically sick people in wheelchairs who are brilliant scientists, beautiful people who are socially inept, plain looking people with brilliant social skills. A person is more than brains, more than genes. You are who you are at your core, emotionally.
M: What about fear?
H: You mean generally?
M: Yes.
H: Fear can help you, but it can also create problems. Don't be afraid. If you are afraid, remember me. Keep on hoping. Keep on trying. Keep on reaching out, or reaching inwards, I should say, and you will find me.
M: Reaching inwards?
H: Yes. In. I am in your soul, in your emotions, in love, in wisdom, in your deepest insight. Remember that if you are in pain, reach for the God inside you and try to find love there. Make a list of things that are good in life.
M: But pain is real, God.
H: I know. I am there. Believe it, I am. In times of trouble try to take a moment to be calm and find me. Anger, killing, hate, those things create problems. Never ever has one problem been solved with violence. Humans have to change.
M: How?
H: Stop laughing at people, laugh with them. Stop hating people, forgive them. Let go of your pain, but don't run away from your pain. Someone has to stop shooting. Make connections with people who care. Set up a network that connect Muslims with Jews, Buddhists with Christians, Hindus with Atheists, all other religions with Christians. You can start by embracing your enemies in your mind. Who have you spent years hating? Go and hug that person in your mind. Picture yourself doing that. Do it now.
M: Okay. I did.
H: How did it feel?
M: It felt like I solved the problem.
H: What does that tell you?
M: That there's a spiritual answer to every issue.
H: Right. Live with me, every step you take, and I will change everything for the better, I will obliterate pain. Remember that it is not the number of prayers you recite that will save you. You are saved to begin with. Live with me, feel your soul, live your soul, live inside God. Carry on spreading love, making people happy, be creative, do your work well, dance, sing, paint, learn, embrace, live WITH people, find me INSIDE you, enjoy nature, enjoy making love to your spouse, be faithful, be good to your children, do anything that makes your world a better place. Remember, I hate no one. God is love. Inspire people to love themselves. Inspire people to find love within themselves. When that happens, they will want to spread love. If you have love inside you, the nature of that emotion inspires you to want to share it. So tell people to find love, be love, love life and find it in the peaceful vibrant life of their hearts.
M: Now, what is eternity, God?
H: You are, my dear. You are.
M: Thank you, God.
H: No problem. I am always here for you.

As I write this, a television dodocumentary shows me the atrocities of war. I am reminded of God, my friend, who told me to find him inside me in times of peace. I will try to embrace my enemies, love my friends, be good to my family and inspire hope just to make the act of war a more rare occurrence on our planet.
After all, we are, although unique, one species. Maybe if more people start thinking that way, we will one day reincarnate into a world where we can say that we are all happy and free enough to know that God is right where he always has been and always will be: inside your own soul. You can find him in any temple, but his main address will always be inside the love you feel inside you.
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