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Story listed as: True Life For Teens | Theme: Family / Friends | Subject: Death / Divorce / Loss | Published here : 02/24/2015
Life Through My Eyes 
By shalini guleria
Born 1994, F, from hamilton, New Zealand
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Every morning I woke up knowing that life would be the same. Getting ready for school, spending six hours or so emerged in knowledge of different subjects, come home, do homework, maybe watch some television and then go to bed. Every day I did the same thing over and over again. Some days were different like when I had karate training, but still life seemed so repetitive. I wanted something exciting to happen to me. One thought always haunted me, am I the only one who has this repetitive routine or everyone faced this. I saw my friends and it seemed like every day for them was exciting; something new happened. But I guess if I see myself from their point of view, they probably thought the same about me.
Today something different happened. I didnít feel my usual self, wondered what changed? I felt very light, like I am floating around amongst the clouds. My room looked the same, but all the colours around me felt so vibrant. Despite this strange feeling, I started to enjoy it. I felt more alive and different. I could notice every detail in the room from the small spiderís web to the tiny cracks in the walls. Did I turn into a super hero over night? Why did I feel this? I certainly couldnít fly or wore my underpants on top of my trousers, then what changed? The house was messy; clothes on the couch, unfinished mug of coffee, toast still in the toaster, mum never left the house in this state why was she so rushed today? I had a lot of questions about this new improved me, well I donít know if this change was good but I was getting use to it.
The house never felt so empty and quite but the serenity was nice. For a moment I looked around me and tried to make sense of what was happening. Although today was no different and I didnít do anything new but my surroundings felt more relaxed. That pain in my chest was gone and I could breathe easily. For past couple of months I felt frustrated and I didnít know why, maybe it was due to the constant pain I was suffering and today everything felt normal. I was overly energised, I wanted to go out for a run, meet all my friends and just tell them how much they mean to me, thank my parents for coping with my mood swings; my heart was filled with such feelings. How should I explain?? Ummmmm... Itís like I wanted to accomplish everything and just love everyone and everything. I wanted to help people and just make everyone happy. Funny thing was I felt like I could achieve all these things, I was ready for this change. These emotions were overwhelming, I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. I didnít feel sad but I wanted to cry because the happiness I felt was a blessing. Was I going crazy? Or was I dreaming? Whatever this was I never wanted this to end.
Since I had this boost of energy I decided to go to school after a very long time. It was Monday today and I started my classes late anyway. As I stepped out of the house, the entire world seemed so lively. It felt like overnight someone has amplified the colour contrast of everything; why was everything so beautiful and mesmerising? My eyes loved this view.
I hummed my favourite tune as I walked down the road. The school was also quite and my friends werenít standing at their usual spot. Where did everyone go? The weather wasnít great today, it was slightly windy but for some reason my body felt warm, where did all this heat come from? In my family I use to be the one who felt extremely cold but today the cards have turned. Maybe I had powers and I will eventually figure them out like all other super heroes did.
Despite everything being so extravagant, there was this eerie sense to the surroundings. I was slightly confused. Looking around the school I reached the assembly hall, everyone was gathered there. Excited to see all my friends I approached them, but I got ignored. I understand that I havenít been at school for a while but why were they being so rude? Everyone had the same expression, droopy, red eyes, creased foreheads; just to sum it up they all looked sad. I was here to tell everyone that I am back and they gave me this kind of welcome. This was rather depressing, but I couldnít feel this depression. My mind was filled with happy thoughts that I wanted to share with everyone; no one could listened.
I realised what I was, I wasnít a super hero and this wasnít a dream. In this world I didnít exist, but where I was going it was the best place for me. I was free. Free from everything; the pain, sleepless nights, the indirect torture to my parents in short; basically free from all the things that made me and people around me unhappy. This life felt much better and I guess this was the right time to go.
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