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Story listed as: True Life For Adults | Theme: Adventure | Subject: Horror / Terror | Published here : 02/25/2015
Sleep over 
By Sujeethra Ravichandar
Born 1997, F, from Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia
Aaaaaaa... Screams heard from the kitchen. I ran towards the kitchen to see what is going on. I was terrified! Its my friend. She is my best friend.

Yes. I and my best friend had planned a sleep over at her house. We were excited about the sleep over. The day came. I happily packed my things needed for sleep over. Its 4pm when i reach her house. "Thanks dad", I told my dad. We had a hug before he leave me.
I ran inside her house. Suddenly,I stopped. I felt like i had past someone. I turned and looked around. No one was there. Seeing it I turned around with a weird feeling. There my bestfriend standing looking at me with a strange look. I hugged her. She carried me. Its usual.

I really felt something wrong is going to happen. We started to unpack my things. I brought a lot of clothes. Later on, we cleaned the house when the phone rang. It was her parents. They told us that they will be back home the day after tomorrow. We were happy. After a few minutes, my phone rang. I answered. A strange voice talked saying, "I am going to kill you". I am scared and threw my phone. My bestfriend was shocked to see my reaction. I started to act crazy.

A few minutes later, i was on the bed. I asked Geena, what happened. Yes, Geena is my bestfriends name. She told me that i started to act crazy and out of sudden I fainted. I was very scared and I told her lets cancel the plan and Geena said no. I accept it as she is my bestfriend. That was the biggest mistake i made. I must not have accpeted it. A few hours later, It was dinner time and I made a delicious dinner. It was chicken pasta. All of a while we were eating, she suddenly stopped. I asked her why she stopped. She said she need to go to the washroom. I said yes.

A few minutes past by and Geena doesnt return. A went to call her when I heard someone talking. It goes like this..
Geena: No, I cant do that. She is my best friend.
The voice: You have to do it, or else you die.
Geena: I rather die than killing her.
The voice: I might kill your parents too if you didnt do it.
Geena: Dont do anything to my parents. I will kill her.
The voice: Thats good my girl!
*** conversation ends***

I was shocked to hear Geena said that. Geena, you cant do this to me. I thought. I quietly went back to my place and sat. I was sweating. I quickly pick up a tissue and wipe it off. So, i started eating but my hands were shivering. Geena came and I asked her why does it so long, And there our conversation started.
Me: Geena, why does it too long for you to come from the washroom.
Geena: Owh, I went to the toilet(in a mild voice)
Me: Then, the voice i heard? Do you talk to yourself?
Geena: What voice? No, i didnt talk to myself(in a suprise voice)
Me: I know Geena. You are going to kill me. You are going to betray me. How can you do this to me?
Geena: Sorry Sujee, I have no other choice then to kill you. Or else it will kill my parents.
Me: But Geena, I trust you a lot. Please don't.....
Suddenly Geena took a knife and tried to kill me. I pushed her and ran up stairs. I hid behind the cabinet at the room. She searched for me. Suddenly someone called her in the kitchen. Without hestitating, she went to the kitchen.

Aaaaa. The screams from the kitchen.. I ran towards the kitchen with a shivering in my body. I saw my best friend holding a bloody knife. What i saw was terrifying. She started to cut herself. I tried to stop her, but i failed. She tried to attack me again where a hand pulled me. It was Perk. Yes, I called Perk while i was hiding behing the cabinet. I told him everything happened. He tried as much as he can to save me but all he can do was to kill Geena. I paused him. I told him, dont ever kill Geena.
**A few hours later**

Place: Patel Hospital
Patient name: Geena
Case: suicide attempt

Yes, we finally managed to bring Geena to the hospital and admitted her. We told the doctor that she tried to kill herself because of stress. The doctor understand and started the treatment. Till today we are best friends and no one can seperate us. And till now, we even dont know who was the person whom wants to kill me. But, how we saved her was...
**A few hours ago**

Geena, stop. Stop Geena stop. I pulled Geena and slapped her. She stopped immediately. I slapped her again, and she asked me, why did i slap her. i told her everything happened and she was shocked. She told me she doesnt what was going on. I told her she even tried to kill me. She was shocked to hear that. Even before she explain, she fainted. Perk carried her to the hospital. And now, let me tell you what happened.

Geena is a cake lover. So what happened was, she went to a shop where they sell cakes and cookies. What She did was she purchased a cake and returned home. While she was walking, one of my enemy bang her and their cakes change. The cake my enemy bought was for me and it was mixed with some potion. So when Geena had it, she started to react like that.

The Potion is still in Geena's body and it wont go out until it kill me. I know that it will attack me again.
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