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Story listed as: True Life For Teens | Theme: Love / Romance | Subject: Love / Romance / Dating | Published here : 02/26/2015
Still in Love... 
By Zeeshan
Born 1998, M, from Perumbavoor, India
That day was the first day of my class IX. I entered the class with my friend Shruti. I met him there. He was a nerd, a good looking guy sitting right in the front with his friends. I don't know how i got attracted to him. I am usually a very reserved person. I kept my feelings to myself. After 2 or three days his friends started pairing us up and making fun of us. This was common in our school, so i didnt take it very seriously. But Raman was acting weird after that. He too seemed to care a lot for me. I found that a bit weird.
Gautham talks to me very well in school and we were best friends inspite of people pairing us up, we didnt care much. We came to know that we belong to the same place, same caste and have very similar likes and dislikes. I started getting even more attracted towards him. We chat on facebook and hangouts. We call each other 'honey', we talk all sorts of stuff normal people in a relationship talk about. But we weren't in a relationship. I never expressed my feelings for him. He too didn't tell me anything. We just, were friends. Thats it. But deep inside my heart i always thought he had feelings for me though he never expressed it. I thought because he cares a lot for me, worries about me and does everything a boyfriend could do. His friends too tell me that he stares at me all the time. but he never told me anything. On the other hand, my friends too got boyfriends to hang out with. so they ended up ditching me. I felt lonely. Gautham too without any reason stopped chatting with me. We rarely talk in school. I dont know why he did that. He started liking my friend Shruti i guess, i dont know. He talks to her now the way he used to talk to me before, right in front of me. I got really annoyed with him. Then one day, for some reason we were the last ones to leave the class. I didnt talk to him. He came up to me, aplogoized, bent down and held my hand. He said "You became really jealous didnt you?" I was on cloud nine and hugged him. That was the best day of my life. Since then, we talk everyday, he walks me to my bus, we hang out together and he makes me feel special everyday. I am very happy to have him. He gives me a red rose everyday on my birthday.

He said that he was very scared to express his feelings as he thought he might lose our friendship.
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