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Story listed as: True Life For Adults | Theme: General Interest | Subject: Self Image / Self-Love | Published here : 03/03/2015
Are we losing our humanity? 
By Christelle
Born 1976, F, from Melbourne, Australia
Are we losing our humanity?

As far as technology, medicine, transports, and even modes of warfare are concerned, humanity has advanced in leaps and bounds and everyday new products are being created. In the space of a couple of hundred years, we have conquered the skies, the oceans, and eradicated most diseases. We have an endless amount of knowledge at our fingertips, and children are bombarded with more information in their first 7 years than their grandparents were in 50 years of theirs. So much so that we have forgotten how to simply “be”. Our brains have become addicted, they want more and more and the impact on our socialisation is rather frightening. We have 450 Facebook friends, but how many friends do we have? How many people do we know in this special intimate manner that can only evolve through actually seeing someone; being part of their lives and slowly being trusted enough for them to unveil their naked soul? To fully let you in to witness all the greatness of their existence, but also all its ugly moments, its times of weakness and despair? And to receive that precious, vital connection that flourishes when someone’s flaws makes you love and value them even more? We have aps for dating, aps for friendship, aps for sharing our photos and videos. But in photos and videos, you cannot smell the cake or feel the softness of a kiss on your cheek. The process your body goes through when somebody catches your eye, heart racing, deliciously nervous and crazy with anticipation; cannot happen when you pick a picture on Tinder. And through this smoke screen of “social media” we are slowly becoming socially inept. We avoid eye contact on public transports, we don’t talk to others in waiting lines, we have been taught to treat others with distrust. We often ignore the distress around us out of fear, or condescendence. If the world is right within our personal bubble it is sufficient. We turn our nose at the mother with the screaming child at the supermarket instead of looking at her with compassion. We mumble judgements like “slackers” or “druggie” at the homeless man. We only care about refugees when they attempt in a last desperate act to reach our shores, because it “threatens” us; we are the greedy dog sitting on a bone big enough to share but growling menacingly at anyone coming too close. We worship individuals with no real value and ignore those who are quietly trying to save the world. How many times have you seen Kim Kardashian on the front page of magazines? How many times have you seen someone from Doctors without Borders on the front page of a famous publication? The media is feeding us pre packaged concepts and values as nutritious as a Big Mac. We hate children because they are noisy, we hate old people because they are slow and smell funny. We have forgotten the true meaning of humanity. We have forgotten that our very physiology is impacted greatly by positive feelings, and that being kind to others is also being kind to ourselves. We value the knowledge of our machines and overlook the wisdom of our elders. Studies have found that through the process of a selfless act, and the gratitude of a hug or a smile; our brains produce an enzyme that can repair damaged heart cells. Babies who receive a lot of skin on skin contact grow better, get ill less often, and have substantially lower levels of Cortisol. I hope that my children will grow up with the conviction that although there are dangers in the world, and monsters in the shape of men, it is also full of wonders and people who can make them feel richer in a way money cannot. I hope they can become street smart but not jaded, and strong in a way that allows them to feel at ease with their weaknesses. I hope the world can take note, and realise that we have all fallen to our knees sometimes, even those who display perfect lives on Facebook. So that maybe next time when someone falls, they can reach out and offer their hands, and smile, and our race can be truly human again.
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