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Story listed as: True Life For Teens | Theme: Family / Friends | Subject: Family | Published here : 03/03/2015
The Best Ones Are Up There. 
By Shelby Lawrence
Born 1998, F, from knowhere, space, United States
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The Best Ones Are Up There.
Running down the stairs, two steps at a time, thoughts ran through his head. Today’s a beautiful day, sunny and warm. Hasn’t been like this in a while, now I can take my little girl out to play in the yard. He swung around the side of the doorway and grabbed his keys off the hook. “Are you ready? Helen?” He asked her.

She was just finishing her breakfast, so she put her dishes away and smiled at him. “Yes daddy.” Helen was quite excited, she loved playing in the yard with her father, but it had been much too cold to play very long.

With that, he held the door open and she ran out ahead of him, and around the side of the house. He took his time catching up with her, taking a moment to breath in the fresh, clean, and inviting air.

“Daddy!” She yelled from the back of the house. “The Lilacs bloomed!”

He half jogged, half ran the rest of the way. For he had not expected the flowers to bloom just yet. Upon reaching the back, he was shocked at the quantity and beauty of the newly opened lilacs. A brilliant purple, and the dew glistening off of them. Even more so, this tree hadn’t bloomed so wonderfully in almost three years.

The more he looked at it, the more he was impressed. Then he saw that the very top had the most gorgeous lilacs he’d ever seen. “Daddy, can we pick a couple?”

“Well of course, it has plenty to share. But, the best ones are up there. I’ll be back in just a minute.” Then he grabbed the sides of the tree and hoisted himself up higher. After that, climbing up a few branches ladder style. He climbed until the branches could no longer support his weight, and it was just high enough to barely reach some of the best flowers.

Then, he stretched his hand up as high as he could, and began gently plucking the lilacs. In no time at all, he had a nice bunch of the gorgeous purple flowers. Then he began his descent down the tree. Though, getting down was more difficult than climbing up. Gratefully, he finally placed his feet on the ground, he handed the bunch to Helen, and she smiled. “Wow, these are the best ones!” She said as she pushed her nose into the gloriously scented flowers.

“Of course, the best things are always the hardest to get.”

The rest of the day they played in the yard, and taking breaks in the shade of the tree.
From that day on until the flowers began dying, any time he had the chance, he’d climb up and get more lilacs, because he loved seeing Helen smile.
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