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Story listed as: True Life For Teens | Theme: Love / Romance | Subject: Aging / Maturity | Published here : 10/12/2016
Online Fraud Lovers 
By no-one
Born 2000, F, from chester, sc, United States
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Online Fraud Lovers
One day i was playing an online game. I met a guy named Tommy. He was so amazing to me. We shared all of our feelings and emotions and we even shared phone numbers. we texted daily. He always texted me sweet quotes and poems. He was near my age, so i thought it was okay to text him. We were so close, we were dating and everything until one day we hit a bump on our love path.....
He asked me to send a nude. I said no and he got a little mad but we continued dating. We dated a whole six and a half months of lies.

After the six and a half months i figured out he lied about his race, location, and even about injuries and deaths. "Tommy" taught me to not trust who you don't know and not to give out information online. That relationship was a lesson learned for me and hopefully also for him.

I haven't spoke to him for about a month and a half now and i miss our chats. i haven't looked back because i know it's best not to. Now i look back to the day we met not as a mistake but just as a hard learned lesson in life. Even though i thought it was all fun and games now i know not to give personal information about me or anyone i know out on the internet.
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