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Story listed as: Fiction For Children | Theme: Fantasy / Fairy Tale | Subject: Action | Published here : 02/03/2017
By SparkleQueen2004
Born 2004, F, from Unicorn Land, Canada
Once upon a time there lived a beautiful girl whose name was Bella. She was the fairest out of all the fair maidens in her village. She was very happy with everything in her life. She lived in a village with her beautiful mother Katy, and her handsome father Harry.

On the other side of the village there lived a handsome prince whose name was Andrew. His parents wanted him to get married.
“You have to get married soon honey” explained Andrew’s mother.
“Your mother is right Andrew,” added Andrew‘s dad. “You need to find a wife soon!”
“You don’t think I’ve been trying” exclaimed Andrew. “I’ve been trying for days but there are no girls I’m interested in.“

While Andrew was dealing with his parents, Bella was getting ready to go on a walk. She was explaining to her parents that she would be completely safe.
“I’ll be completely safe I promise mother,“ assured Bella.
After assuring her parents that she would be careful she set off for her walk.

When she got to the forest she stopped for a moment.
“Should I go in or not,” Bella asked herself.
She thought for a while then decided to go in. She walked for a while and found a talking bat.
“Excuse me but, do you know the way back to the village,” asked Bella.
“I’m not very sure but there is an old lady who lives up the hill, you can go ask her,“ replied the bat.
“Thank you,“ Bella yelled back.

Bella went up the hill and gazed at the scary house. After staring at the house, she got the courage to go in. A few steps later Bella found a mysterious lady.
“Excuse me, do you know the way back to the village?“ politely asked Bella.
“Sorry dearie but I’m just an old lady that doesn’t even know the way to the store.“ explained the lady. “But why don’t we sit down for a cup of tea?“
“Umm…. sure but I have to go soon my parents might get worried.” answered Bella unsurely.
“So…,” started the lady.
“My name is Bella,“ began Bella.
“My name is Hazel,“ answered Hazel..
“That is a very nice name,“ Bella added kindly.
“Thank you but, Bella is the nicest name I’ve ever heard!” replied Hazel cheerfully.
“Thank you very much for everything but, I should be leaving.“
said Bella.
“You're welcome Bella,“ replied Hazel “Bye.”
“Bye” shouted Bella.

While Bella was walking through the forest, she found a silver chain with a shiny red heart pendant on it. So she picked it up and kept walking and before she knew it she was home. Bella walked in and her parents were standing there.

“Where have you been,” began Bella’s mom.
“We were worried sick,” continued Bella’s dad.
“Sorry but I got lost, then met a talking bat and he told me to see the old lady and then we had tea and I set off,” confessed Bella.
“I’m speechless!” uttered Bella’s mom. “Go up to your room, I’m coming to talk to you.”
Bella went up and put the necklace on and it lit up.

Suddenly Bella’s mom came in, so Bella took the necklace off and hid it under her pillow.
“Bella are you hurt? Who was that old lady? And really a talking bat!” shouted Bella’s mom.
“Mom relax I'm fine.” concluded Bella. “I just want to go to sleep.”
“Ok then bye hun” said Bella’s mom.
When Bella’s mom left, Bella looked at the necklace one last time and then went to sleep.

The next day Bella’s mom made cookies for the lady to thank her. So Bella took the cookies to Hazel’s house. (she was wearing the necklace she found.)

Meanwhile, while that was happening, Andrew was almost finished his walk, when he saw Bella going into Hazel’s house.

Bella knocked on Hazel’s door and went inside. Hazel glanced at Bella’s necklace.
“Where did you find that necklace Bella?’ asked Hazel.
“I found it in a bush when I was walking back to the village,”
answered Bella. “Why?”
”I’ve been looking for it for years but I’ve never found it,”
said Hazel. “It has great power.”

Bella thought for a moment, about the power that one necklace had.
“I….I have to go,” mumbled Bella.
“Not so fast, you won’t be going anywhere for a while,” shouted Hazel.

Andrew was watching everything that was happening and waiting for just the right moment to go in.

“I can go in now,” Andrew whispered to himself.
So he carefully opened the door and snuck in. Then he hid behind a barrel. Suddenly Hazel spotted Andrew and levitated the barrel.
“Well, well look who decided to save Bella,” started Hazel. “Well I’ll do the same thing I did to Bella, I’ll tie you up.”
Andrew tried to run but it was no use. So Hazel tied Andrew up and continued making a potion.
“This potion plus your necklace will make me invincible and let me live forever,” explained Hazel.

Just then Andrew remembered he had put a pocket knife in his pocket. So he took it out and used it to cut the rope. Then he quickly got up and untied Bella. Bella stared into Andrew’s eyes.

“Thank you for saving me…..” said Bella.
“It’s Andrew” said Andrew. "And it was no problem at all.”
Just as Hazel turned around Bella’s necklace lit up and turned the witch into dust.

They both walked into the sunset as they held hands because Andrew had finally found his wife. They got married and lived…..

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