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Story listed as: True Life For Children | Theme: General Interest | Subject: Life Experience | Published here : 03/01/2017
The Insider On Middle School 
By Carley
Born 2006, F, from Tennesse, United States
The Insider On Middle School
School is not as easy as it seems. Well in my school we have the outcasts, people who think they're cool, try to fit in with the cool crowd (me), the popular and the nerds. Honestly, I would not want to be in the nerd group, I would be too shy and made fun of. Now I have two boys at school I like, let’s call them Jake and Chris. So Chris is the cool crowd and Jake is sort of like a Jr. Cool crowd. Now Jake is cute with cool hair, but Chris is a whole other league. With Chris you can be chill relaxed and you can always ask “hey you want to do this or hey you want to do that”. Idk if Chris or Jake are right for me. So anyways kids at school are always coming up with new popular gestures, such as the dab or the phrase “cash me outside how bout dat”. Basicilly school is like a popularity contest, competing to be important, or to be noticed.

Moving on there’s this girl at school and we will call her Sarah. so Sarah has a locker right next to mine and so she always has people around her locker, so I tell my teacher, not because I’m a snitch (gesture used for tattletales), but because I hate Sarah deep in my guts. She always trys to be cool and what she does is she puts her hand by her lips and makes those eyes and trys to be all flirty. The one reason why I hate Sarah is because she dated Jake 2 TIMES and now she doesn’t even freaking care about Jake!!!!!!!!

Mostly middle school dating is fake and people only date cute people they don’t even care what’s on the inside. That is what bothers me the most, how guys only look on the outside, they don’t even care, cause if they did I would have a bunch of people asking me out. School is rough, so this is like an inside tour on middle school.
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